“Stability” in the world doesn’t exist but idiots sure do.

Stability is an interesting word. Basically, it means the ability of nations to engage in long term trade and be able to safely manufacture and deliver a steady stream of  products to customers who are willing to pay more than the products are worth. But there has never been any real stability; things just moved […]

Saturday Morning update – Big Island – 05:00

ANA A few rain squalls today and tomorrow. No more Ana updates after this one. LAVA Stalled, not much going on. Updates as necessary, when and if. OBOLA Obama doesn’t want a travel ban, says “We can’t just cut ourselves off from West Africa”.   I kinda know why YOU can’t, particularly after being honored […]

Another non-disaster passes. Friday, 19:30

ANA I can’t seem to get excited about this. Apart from some rain squalls, it is over. There are bubbles in the bathtub but the water isn’t brown.  ************************** LAVA The most recent report from HVO says the lava feeding the outbreak tube is low.  Until it re-energizes, the flow will have to wait. Apparently […]

Friday, 11:300 Ana – Lava – Ebola

ANA Pushed past the magical number and is now a Cat1 hurricane!  But we don’t care – she can’t hit the Big Island. Here is a current satellite photo: http://wxug.us/1l86i     Ana is becoming more disorganized. She will bring some rain, heavy at times, to Hawaii. There is no possibility of Hurricane or T/S conditions […]