The US strategy

What I see: The US has declared war on Russia…but it’s a ‘soft’ war. We can’t shoot without being shot – so we are going to break them financially. And it’s not just about the US’s about US world domination. We have it and we are deadly serious about maintaining it. We control the world […]

“Stability” in the world doesn’t exist but idiots sure do.

Stability is an interesting word. Basically, it means the ability of nations to engage in long term trade and be able to safely manufacture and deliver a steady stream of  products to customers who are willing to pay more than the products are worth. But there has never been any real stability; things just moved […]

Sometimes I think the clouds part for a few seconds and I can see the ballet.

I won’t list those times because I already have. I prefer to write about the future which, I know as well as anyone else, cannot be predicted. So here goes. The US is going to go bankrupt with fiat currency derivatives.  That’s not very difficult to predict. But the concept that precious metals will retain […]

From the Old Jarhead’s blog.

Marine Quotes Thursday, November 10, 2016 at 08:07 via The Old Jarhead I have grown to look upon Marines as something sacred; I have laughed with them and cried with them; cursed them and prayed for them; shivered and sweltered with them; suffered with them; fought with them, bled with them, and held them in […]

Hillary stole the nomination and destroyed the world.

“She never forgets who she is fighting for”  -Howard Dean about Hillary Clinton That’s true.  And it’s her.  Does anyone actually grasp why pharma companies can charge so much for medicines?  Hillary did that for them with Obama’s help.  It started back in the Bill Clinton days. I don’t suppose anyone remembers when US student […]

I think a race war started in America today.

I’ll deal with it only as a last resort. Until then, it’s physics. “The reason that no Class 1 civilizations exist in our galaxy or, probably, the universe: by the time a life-form evolves to a point at which it can launch vehicles into space, it will have exhausted the resources of its planet and […]

Message from LA County Sheriff Jim McDonnell

As most of you know by now, two of our deputies were critically injured last week after being fired upon by a suspect who failed to stop at a DUI checkpoint being conducted by Lakewood Station.Both deputies were struck by gunfire. One deputy emerged from surgery earlier this afternoon and is in critical, but stable […]

North Korea – politically similar to the US.

Western reporting agencies have been banging on about the continued failure of North Korea’s Musudan 25 (Huangsong-10) missile launches.  But unless they blow up on the launcher, they probably aren’t complete failures. That missile is a North Korean adaptation of the Russian SLBM R-27 Zyb which was in use on Russian subs from 1968 until […]

From the “Things they didn’t tell you” department.

The new NATO policy, announced on June 14th, states that a cyber-attack against any NATO country qualifies automatically as constituting “war” against all NATO countries, just like any traditional attack. Such a claim and proof of the target-nation’s guilt is a subjective decision by the President of the US. This would be a political decision […]