‘When fools try to be criminals’, or ‘Fun with the Internet’…:-)

Just like you I get dodgy email all the time which asks for my password and personal information. But mine all go to a dead address. I read some of them and occasionally and send replies…from a dead address. Today I got my first ever blackmail letter! ūüôā Check it out: YOUR PASSWORD IS URPwned […]

What is really happening:

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that there was no reason for Moscow and Washington not to get along after his meeting with Donald Trump in Helsinki, Finland, on Monday. Sputnik discussed the Trump-Putin summit with Scott Bennett, a former US Army officer and counterterrorism analyst. Sputnik: What’s your take on¬†the meeting between¬†President Trump and President […]

“Stability” in the world doesn’t exist but idiots sure do.

Stability is an interesting word. Basically, it means the ability of nations to engage in long term trade and be able to safely manufacture and deliver a steady stream of¬† products to customers who are willing to pay more than the products are worth. But there has never been any real stability; things just moved […]

Sometimes I think the clouds part for a few seconds and I can see the ballet.

I won’t list those times because I already have. I prefer to write about the future which, I know as well as anyone else, cannot be predicted. So here goes. The US is going to go bankrupt with fiat currency derivatives. ¬†That’s not very difficult to predict. But the concept that precious metals will retain […]

Black holes, Big Bangs, Aliens and The End.

We don’t have the physics to describe it yet, but black holes don’t destroy everything that falls into them. They convert most of it into pre-elemental particles and squirt it out into another universe which keeps expanding, exactly like ours. Black holes act as seeds for new universes, but why?¬† Perhaps they act as safety […]

The world around us.

Dear climate-change-denier idiots and bleeding heart liberals: “Global warming” doesn’t mean that every place on earth is getting warmer.¬† It means the atmosphere is changing and climate is becoming radical and unpredictable.¬† Hurricanes will trend toward categories 5, 6 and 7 instead of 2,3 and 4.¬† Hot weather will become hotter.¬† Rain will fall sporadically […]

Why we demonize Putin

The Central Banks…the Rothschilds…finally got control of the US economy in 1914, they had known for many years that we had a young, strong nation with unlimited natural resources for the time. They saw that no country in Europe had the room or the natural resources required to run a global economy. China, Russia and […]

What REALLY happened to Hillary.

She and her #pizzagate friends handed the election to Trump.¬† Her team knew she couldn’t beat Bernie.¬† So they made the conscious decision to eliminate him and THEY, more than anyone else, promoted Trump to the Dems because she thought she could make him look like a fool and walk away with the election. The […]