The US strategy

What I see:

The US has declared war on Russia…but it’s a ‘soft’ war. We can’t shoot without being shot – so we are going to break them financially. And it’s not just about the US’s about US world domination. We have it and we are deadly serious about maintaining it.

We control the world because we own the Petrodollar and therefore the worlds’ energy supply. But the world is running out of oil and in 50 years the Petrodollar won’t have  much clout – so we MUST establish absolute control before that happens. As you can see, we have started a full-court press – not merely against Russia and China, but against EVERYONE. Because if we lose control, it’s lost forever.  To prevent that we are going to force every other nation into complete submission while we still can.

Except we can’t. All we can do is destroy the global economy and hope to use the Petrodollar to decide which countries disappear into war, anarchy and starvation, and which survive still mostly intact. But we really don’t care who lives or dies so long as we control the survivors. With that scenario in place, there is ZERO reason for world peace as long as it doesn’t go nuclear. In fact, war is the basic requirement for the plan to work.

My thesis makes several predictions. One is that NATO is effectively a US occupation force and we have actual control of the militaries, and thus the governments, of NATO member states. If one of them tries to act Sovereign we take them down far enough for them to grasp that they aren’t. They bleat and whine, but there is nothing they can do – so they do what we tell them. That’s why the sanctions we impose are adopted by NATO countries even when their best interests are clearly and obviously not being served. They are being forced to march to our drum.  They have no choice because we can cut off their energy and cut off their international access to Petrodollar settlement markets by simply weaponizing the dollar as we have now done. But we must maintain that control at all costs.

Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, South Africa, Venezuela, Iran and Russia wanted to drop the Petrodollar and trade oil and gas in gold. If that happened, we would no longer have any control.  So we took out the first four, at least long enough for our purposes. We didn’t have any excuse to destroy South Africa or Venezuela militarily, so we sent in the NGOs in Africa and the Colombians in Venezuela and they will both be failed states within weeks.

Who is left?  Russia and China, with India on the fence for the moment.  My second prediction is that we must either conquer Russia and China financially, and maintain control of NATO countries in the process, or we will fail as the only Superpower. If we cannot threaten or blackmail them out of their Sovereignty, we will try to take it militarily.  There are no other options.

The US has signaled it’s intent to pursue the military option against anyone and everyone we cannot coerce, including our NATO allies. It’s on.

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