Taiwan is 81 miles from China and is absolutely critical to China’s security.  Whoever controls Taiwan controls China’s border and ocean trade routes.  For comparison, Cuba is 103 miles from the US and we were ready to go to nuclear war with Russia over it – so to think China won’t do the same over Taiwan is ridiculous.

The US is trying very hard to get Taiwan to declare independence.  If it does, China will invade within hours and the US will be involved in yet another war of our own making.  Comparisons can be made with Cuba (where we maintain a large military base) and our attempt to buy Crimea from Ukraine. But the second example isn’t really accurate because Crimea wants to be part of Russia. Even if the Taiwanese want to be independent, they are Chinese nonetheless and China can’t be secure with Taiwan under US control.

There are historical precedents to the US moves.  We rebuilt Germany and Japan after WWII – not because we gave a damn about them – but because we had switched enemies to Russia and China and we needed allies and bases near them. That’s why we created NATO. We still have US military bases dating back to WWII in Germany, Okinawa and Guam and we had huge military bases in the Philippines until fairly recently. And of course, we are all over South Korea, Iraq. Afghanistan and Syria as well as in the Baltic states bordering Russia. We secretly gave nukes to Israel but they are going to fight for themselves, not for us. We went to Vietnam because of ‘Communism’ and we lost our asses. We won in
Iraq, but we are losing in Afghanistan and Syria.  If we attack North Korea we will lose the hearts and minds of the South Koreans.

None of this is new. The US and Britain have been actively and continuously planning for and working toward a war with Russia and China since the end of WWII, ostensibly because of the spectre of Communism.  Germany is on board but Japan, which borders both of them, is tenuous, so we are trying to get them to re-arm and get into the game. Unfortunately, modern weapons are so destructive that everyone now has too much to lose – but we are still at it. The US now has over a thousand military bases worldwide. China and Russia combined have about two outside their borders. We have become the aggressors. We threaten them; they don’t threaten us.

We can’t continue to own the world and control all of the oil. We can’t keep destroying countries and installing leaders who are friendly to us because we bought them but we can’t stop trying because we refuse to believe the lessons of history.  Our infrastructure and way of life are dying because all of our attention and resources are focused out, beyond our borders.  That TRILLION dollars we wasted trying unsuccessfully to bring that shithole Afghanistan out of the 11th century and another Trillion we wasted on the F-35 could have rebuilt our country, eliminated the welfare state, saved Social Security and provide for our veterans.  But no.

The best way to bring a country together behind their government is a war. Everyone knows it.  But that only works if they attack us – not if we make up some bullshit excuse to attack them but that’s exactly what we have been doing since the early 1950s. It’s making everyone crazy.  Half the kids in the US are taking prescription anti-psychotics because they have no lives, no goals, and nothing to do.  So while we bomb civilians in 7 countries they go out and shoot up schools because that’s the example the country is providing.  It’s not about guns.  The US is the major weapons supplier to the entire world. People are only doing what they see the government doing.  Grrrr.  Why is everyone so stupid?







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