Pay attention to what you think.

This blog is an OpEd.  It’s my considered opinion but I don’t make things up. I try to write with intelligence guided by experience and I don’t try to lead people down the garden path..  I try, but no guarantees.  I’m pretty opinionated.

I read a lot of things which are presented as truth but aren’t. Some things which are literally true are presented in such a manner as to lead the unwary into forming the conclusion the author wants them to form…in other words, they are propaganda.  For instance, everything you hear from the government is kinked as well as most of what you see on the ‘news’.  Campaign promises? Please!

I subscribe to a bunch of intelligence briefing sites.  They all depend on  open sources and public statements, tempered by the author’s …er..reasoned..opinion as to what it all means.  But the way the information is presented is sometimes as important as the information itself.

Lets take ‘Nightwatch’ for example.  I love it.  I read it religiously. But it isn’t always straight up.  Yesterday it contained this.  [My comments are in brackets.]


The Russians presented chemical attack “victims” at the Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).  As expected, the Russian delegation to the OPCW held a press conference during which they presented Syrian witnesses from Douma who denied a chemical attack occurred. One Russian witness was a healthy child who had been featured in an opposition video as a victim of the attack.

[The witnesses who were there state that no chemical attack by Assad occurred. That’s almost undoubtedly true – Assad had no reason to use Chlorine gas, which I  can make at home, against a few civilians, knowing that it would draw a US strike.  He supposedly did this TWICE but no proof has ever been presented by the US.  It’s a re-hash of the allegation that Saddam was making chemical WMDs, which he wasn’t.]

Separately, the Russian Ministry of Defense presented an elaborate display of what it claimed was US missile parts.  The Russians also said they captured unexploded US missiles.

[This is true but the comment is gratuitous and has nothing to do with the supposed Chlorine gas attack.  The US has fired hundreds of cruise missiles at the Syrian military.
This is after we invaded Syria without bothering to mention it, but we have combat troops engaged in Syria and we are shooting missiles at the Syrian army, so it looks like an invasion to me.  However, the fact that Russia has recovered some of the missiles and debris has nothing to do with anything except to verify that the US actually IS shooting missiles at the Syrian army, which we freely admit.]

The British and French have joined the US in calling the Russian display a stunt.

[The British, French and Americans have never presented ANY proof that ANY chemical attack by Assad ever occurred either time we shot missiles at Syria,  just like that bullshit tale that Iraq had WMDS.]

            Comment: The Russians have now tripled down on their version of the 14 April US-led attack. They also have presented at least three versions of what happened.

[The Russians are very careful about what they say because they don’t want to look like fools and so they always provide verifiable proof.  In this case, the Russians provided the US (and anyone else who would listen) with warnings that a terrorist group was developing a red-flag attack in order to ENABLE the US to shoot more missiles at Syria. But the US knew that already.  WE financed the terrorist group in order to have the excuse. We do that a lot.  We originally financed Bin Ladin, gave chemical weapons to Saddam, promised to protect Qaddafi if he gave up his nuclear ambitions, which he did, and gave Iran their first nuclear plant. Then we killed them all except Iraq and that’s in the works.]

The Russians are using propaganda techniques developed by the Nazis and the Bolsheviks to try to discredit the US and the Allies. The techniques are described in Alexander George’s seminal book, Propaganda Analysis. In short, tell a big lie often enough and people will believe it.

[The Russian don’t need to discredit the US and the allies. The entire world knows that the US is trying to remove Assad so we can build an oil pipeline from Saudi Arabia via Iraq to the EU.  The commentary has now turned into a hit piece against Russia and resorts to propaganda by comparing them to Nazis. Russians are the exact opposite of Nazis. Did you hear about the Russians TRYING to influence the US elections but not succeeding?  Sure you did. The Demoncrats made a big deal out of the UNSUBSTANTIATED allegation. So if Trump won but the Russian didn’t influence the election, who would have been President if they HAD succeeded? No one talks about that and you aren’t supposed to be smart enough to think it through, but the unspoken inference you are supposed to draw is that somehow the Russians got Trump elected even though they didn’t influence the elections. Listen:  The US is not a bit player.  We try to influence EVERY election in the world in order to get someone favorable to us elected. When we can’t, we try to stage a coup, as in Ukraine a couple of years ago.  When that doesn’t work, we send in the military to destroy the country.  In the process we kill a LOT of civilians. Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Somalia, etc.  If the military option isn’t expedient, we hire terrorists or start a civil war…Syria now, but we have proxy wars started against Russia in the Baltics and Ukraine and we are trying hard to get Taiwan to declare independence and fight China as our proxy. Taiwan will get screwed in the deal but we don’t care

Trade wars and sanctions are acts of war.  Using them is exactly how we got Japan into WWll. Now we are using sanctions against Russia, China, the DPRK, Germany, Japan, Venezuela and no telling who else and we expect them to all roll over and let us run the world on our terms.  All of these things have been done before by great colonial powers and all of them eventually went overboard and lost their asses. Greece, Rome, and even Holland and Portugal were once great nations, just to name a few.  After that, Spain, France, England…the US only exists because we didn’t want to be King Georges’ colony any more and pay unfair taxes because he demanded it. So we revolted and we won even though we had almost no chance against the greatest military power on earth. Now WE are the greatest military power on earth and damned if we aren’t doing exactly the same thing that destroyed every other country which ever tried to enforce its will on the world through military might. We expect a different outcome through technology but the outcome will be the same and the price will be paid in blood just like it always has.]

[[Alexander George’s book about WWII is no longer in print which means it wasn’t ‘seminal’.  It was written during the cold war and, I am pretty sure, compares Nazis and Russians as two peas in a pod – I’m not positive but I’m not going to pay $750+ to read an outdated book. The books which ARE relevant are still in print. Sun Tzu and Machiavelli for instance, but there are hundreds.]]

In conjunction with the performance at the OPCW, the Russians appear to be trying to humiliate the US-led coalition. Their objective is to manipulate international sentiment to deter another attack against Syria. Disinformation is a component of every Russian military plan.”

[First the Russians are  trying to discredit the US…then they are trying to humiliate the US. Russia doesn’t need to humiliate the US-led coalition, thank you. We are doing that quite well by ourselves. And, BTW, disinformation and manipulating international sentiment – and every citizen of every country – has been a main component of EVERY military operation conducted by EVERY country throughout history. Governments couldn’t govern if they couldn’t tell people what to think.  The text implies that Russia and Syria are wrong for trying to protect Syria from a US/Turkish invasion.]

That column is a good example of demonizing a country that didn’t do anything wrong…at least recently..while ignoring the fact that the US/Turkey/Israel are the aggressors in Syria, not Syria or the Russians.

My gratuitous rant begins here:

I’m a patriot.  I served an extended combat tour with the Marine Corps in ‘Nam.  But my oath is to the Constitution.  I swore to defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic.   I didn’t swear to defend lying politicians who think the Constitution is bullshit, or to accept obvious lies because one President or another thinks I’m stupid enough to believe anything he says.

I’m not telling anyone anything they don’t already know. You know what you see and hear without anyone having to explain it. But people have their own lives and their own issues and no one really understands these things or cares about what is happening in some country they never heard of as long as the TV is on and McDonalds is open 24/7.  If your own government and your news outlets and all the talking heads reassure you that we are the good guys and we are making the world better, it’s easier to let the people in charge do the thinking and let reality shows entertain you.

Unfortunately, living is a vacuum means that people no longer know where their tap water comes from or where the sewage goes when they flush or how to get food or water – or even how to live without a transparent life support system which supplies all if their needs.

If the power goes out, our civilization will go out with it.  Want to see?  Turn off your main power breakers, your cell phones and your internet connections. Turn off your water main and your gas line.  That’s what will happen when the power goes out.  Now, without any transportation of any kind or stores or gas stations or ATM machines or police, fire, medical services or anything else, you can see what will happen if just one 1.3 megaton nuke is popped 400 km over Kansas. None of that will be back on in your lifetime – which, for most people, will only be a few days.

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