H/T Scott G who contributed to this Middle East rant.


No one gives a shit about which shithole is in charge of any country so long as certain criteria are met. In fact, we installed the Shah of Ian who was the worst despot in the middle east. In the middle east, the criteria for being in power is agreeing to settle oil in Petrodollars – a brilliant invention which guarantees that no matter who sells oil to whom, the value of the US dollar is held up and, by virtue of exchange, we get a cut on every drop of it. Countries which don’t want to pay the tithe…Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Venezuela China, Russia, etc. are ruled by psychotic despots which we have to remove to save the world; Before we destroyed them Iran, Iraq, Libya and Syria may have been run by dictators but they had very high living standards for the majority of the people. Sure, there were terrible areas, but have you been to Detroit lately? It was so safe in Tehran that anyone could walk the streets 24/7 in complete safety. It was a point of pride. Not only that but everyone could legally own and carry firearms. The issues of violence were and still almost exclusively tribal/family revenge. If all of these places were left alone, they would live like they have for thousands of years, grovel in the sand and kill each other. Everyone else is treated like a guest.

The middle east is running out of light, sweet crude oil. We want it, Europe wants it and China wants it – and the gas reserves which have mostly been considered waste until now. And guess who has the majority of the proven oi and gas reserves left? Russia. We almost succeeded in buying Russia from Yeltsin until they noticed that we broke our word and started turning all of the Baltic states into NATO affiliates. Then we Tried to steal Ukraine with a coup in order to get Crimea for a huge NATO base. When Russia stopped it, Putin became a psychotic despot. But when we stopped the USSR from militarizing Cuba, Kennedy was just defending the US from aggression. See the double standard?

OK, back to Syria. We have wanted a pipeline from Saudi and Iraq via Syria for years, so we can supply oil and gas to the EU. Assad has always refused. So did Saddam. So they gotta go, especially since Russia is trying to get the Turkish stream pipeline built to supply the EU with THEIR oil and gas. That’s why the US is letting Turkey annex half of Syria permanently.
You never hear anything about Erdogan being a psychotic despot, but he really is one. He and the King of Saudi Arabia run two of the worst second world countries in the world and they both have budding nuclear programs. Do you know who shouldn’t nave nukes? Pakistan. Pakistan shared nuclear weapons technology with Libya, Iraq, Iran, Syria and NORTH KOREA. But no one mentions Pakistan at all and now they are a de-facto protectorate of China, or at least China is trying to buy them off. But Pakistan is full of 11th century Muslims just like Afghanistan and they get pissed if anyone tries to interfere with them fucking boys, killing each other and making women dress in trash bags.

Chemical weapons: an excuse to attack countries which did not agree to VOLUNTARILY give them up. Syria did and it was verified. Libya gave up it’s nuclear AND chemical programs after the US promised not to destroy it. Russia did and it was verified. Actually, only one country who signed has refused to give up its stock of fresh chemical weapons Yep. The US.

Reply from Scott G:

There is nothing here that I disagree with. I’ll go you one further about local King turds sitting on their own shit-piles. You are more articulate than I am, but for the most part you mirrored my vantage on these topics.

In that neck of the woods the only method of gaining control is brutal power, and those people have no use for, and disrespect a society like ours because they see us as weak (because can’t/won’t remove our own filth) . In some ways they are correct I would say the populous HERE is ignorant, and unwilling to work at removing their own internal ignorance, and unwilling to accept their own role in how/who the shit-bag politicians are that get into office. The average person living over THERE “wants” the freedoms we have (HAD) but is unwilling to fight/bleed/die for it – so they don’t-fucking-deserve it. Because they are also individually unable to abide by the order they say they want, and like our inner city poor people they will not fight the brutal sub-scum operating inside their own communities.

It takes a psychotic despot to control those fiends. But in the end it is what it is. Ignorant, stupid, inconsiderate, filthy, immoral “humans” occupy much of this world, are we going to kill them all to make a paradise without killing ours selves at the same time? Funny how the libtards think we if kill off the white man’s sense of order, they will propagate a seamless, and ever lasting love-fest….. uh-huh.

The Paki’s, – I have not once had any use for those walking turds, billions of dollars go there yearly, and they knowingly, willfully hid Bin-laden from us.
Billions of our tax dollars to our enemies every-single year for what? To appease them? That is extortion. Thomas Jefferson Refused extortion and created the Marine Corps of the US Navy to combat the Barbary Pirates. I am sure you are fully aware of those details.

Although not a complete nationalist, and a fully conservative libertarian – I want to fix our own abuses first, help our people first. Restore our constitution first – before anyone else . Some of our allies need to remain allies, and keeping them as such means an occasional sacrifice. I fully disagree with how our country has been bled for decades.

Our foreign policy should be simple – we are going to spy on you, because you are spying on us- deal with it. We will not instigate violence so don’t bring us any or we will kill everyone, and everything dear to you – so please don’t fuck with us – not looking for a fight so don’t bring one here.

Our internal policy should include drug tests for welfare recipients I believe in a safety net, not Beamers for Bastards. Too many off-spring w/ no father at home? Sterilization after 2 w/o fathers (unless truly tragic events have unfolded). Felons – no death penalty- HARD HARD labor all the rest of their lives this will end the “right of passage” behavior, and the never-ending cycle of crime, and all the anal sex a guy can handle. Sex in prison should result in hand emptying out-houses with dixie-cups, and clean-up with tooth brushes. But then, that’s not really a compassionate way to see things is it?

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