Short memories and erratic policies.

in 1959 after Castro’s successful popular uprising in Cuba, he came to the US to ask us for aid.  The stories and photos are online if you want to look.  Not only would no one talk to him, we literally laughed him off.  So he went  to Russia and asked Khrushchev.  A few years later we almost went to nuclear war and we blamed Castro ( Cuba is still under a virtual US blockade) and Khrushchev/ the USSR..and that has carried over to Putin/Russia because of Crimea (which ONLY happened because we caused a coup in Ukraine).  But Russia didn’t invade Crimea. Crimea had always been part of Russia until Khrushchev, who was from Ukraine, got drunk one night in the 50s and gave it to Ukraine. If you traveled there and asked ANYONE, you’d find out that they are Russian and want to be part of Russia.  Thus no one was killed in the so-called ‘Russian invasion’ of Crimea because it didn’t happen.

This story repeats over and over.  We put the Shah of Iran in power to do what we told him.  He was repressive and SAVAK tortured and murdered anyone who opposed him and we looked the other way – like we do now in Saudi Arabia.  When he was deposed Iran had every reason to dislike us for foisting him on them.  A few years ago we were all hot to bomb Iran because they were a threat to the US. It wasn’t true then and it isn’t now.  But that’s what we were told.  We export ‘Freedom and Liberty’ at the point of a bayonet by demonizing leaders for allegedly what ours really do (Rendition camps, Gitmo, torture)…we are still killing farmers in Afghanistan using drones..we are bombing places in Africa, Syria and five or six other countries, none of which invaded us.

Then we were told that Saddam had WMD factories and he was all set to attack the US so we had to invade Iraq.  It wasn’t true.  There were none. We invaded anyway because Saddam wanted to drop the petrodollar and trade oil for gold.  We invaded Afghanistan too and after 17 years we are still in both places. Strangely, we never invaded Pakistan which IS an established nuclear power.

Then we destroyed Libya.  We cut a deal with Qaddafi to give up his nuclear aspirations in exchange for a promise of security.  We broke our word.  Because he also wanted to trade oil for gold and drop the US Petrodollar.

Guess who else wants to drop the Petrodollar and trade oil for gold.  Syria.  And so does China, Russia, Venezuela and, secretly, South Africa.

Which, if it happens, will drop the us from ‘The Superpower” to a has-been second world country.  That’s why these countries are our enemies and we are doing it to ourselves.

North Korea is ZERO threat to the US.  the DPRK wants nukes because it knows we can knock it out in a couple hours if China doesn’t step up.  China will step up.  An as much as we babble about making a deal to guarantee their security in exchange for denuclearization, they can see what happened to Qaddafi after we made the same deal with him – and in fact, what we are trying to do to Russia (there are US tank armies and nuclear capable missiles on Russia’s eastern border this minute) and China. Apart from the bogus trade war, we are pushing Taiwan hard to proclaim independence from China – something we know will cause a hot war with China.  And we are after ‘regime change’ in Venezuela. We are doing in Venezuela exactly what we did in Ukraine a few years ago; and what we have done to everyone else who won’t be our pimp.

Bottom line:

(1) The US does not keep its promises; we aren’t the Good Guys anymore.

(2) North Korea will never give up nukes until China makes them.

(3) Neither Russia, China, Venezuela, nor anyone else will trust us again.  NO country will even negotiate with us in good faith because we do not negotiate in good faith. Our government doesn’t even keep the faith with We the People.  I remember Dubya Bush saying, and I quote:  ” The Constitution is just a Goddamn piece of paper”.

So much for Democracy.

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