Israel has never had a domestically generated school shooting.

Google:  Israeli girls with guns


In Israel, young men and women serve mandatory military terms.  When trained, they can carry 24/7. No one thinks anything about it.  Automatic weapons and handguns are not a problem.  People stop terrorism instantly. Of course, Israel is surrounded by enemies and can be at war in ten minutes.  But the rest of the time an armed society is a polite society and no one has to cower in fear of …well, just about street crime or gang violence  The murder rate for the whole country is a fraction of most American cities…except Plano, Texas. Everyone carries a gun in Plano.  There is almost no crime in Plano.  Israel has never had a school shooting. Neither has Plano.

The government doesn’t try to take their citizens’ guns- they GIVE them guns. Just like Switzerland.

Guns aren’t a problem there.  They aren’t the problem here, either.


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