America: the new global Humbug.

We don’t have any patriots or heroes anymore.

We can’t look up to anyone as role models except grossly overpaid Hollywood types, the great majority of whom are brainless.  We no longer trust our government and for very good reason:  it is neither trustworthy nor does it operate in our best interests.

Our citizenry has become a motley collection of psychotropic-sotted liberals, drug dealers, and uneducated grape-nuts, most of which should have been drowned at birth. We are lazy, obese, self-centered,  juvenile and for the most part totally incompetent in our jobs. As institutions, marriage and personal responsibility have become meaningless.  98% of the population lives beyond its means and endures lifetime debt by design.  Personal ownership no longer exists.  You think you own your home, but stop paying exorbitant taxes and see what happens.

We have allowed the earth and the oceans to become polluted with our detritus.  We have enabled the global population to increase to twice what the planet can sustain and so we have precipitated an anthropocentric extinction event which began in 2017 and will, probably by 2035 and certainly by 2050, kill most of the life on the planet including ours.

We only exist now because we use engineered GMO crops and GMO animals, but the weather can no longer be predicted and is becoming more erratic and violent on a daily basis – so the seasons are blurring and climate extremes are becoming the norm.  That will destroy the ability of anyone anywhere to grow crops successfully, even GMO crops. And we are killing our bees.  No bees and no crops mean no people.  The fish are gone because the ocean food chains are gone.  I won’t rehash the ocean conveyors, the jet stream, the clathrate gun or the fact that people are getting crazy and killing each other because there are too many people –  for the same reason rats get crazy and kill each other when there are too many rats.

What are we doing about it? We pretend it isn’t happening.  We blame everyone else and we become erratic.  The US is at war, albeit undeclared, with about seven countries.  We are sending cars into orbit. We lost the mindless and misguided ‘war on drugs’, so now we are having a war on prescription painkillers.  Not because they are any worse than, say cars.  But because the government feels a need to control every facet of everyone’s life.  Our medical system spends most of its money taking care of welfare recipients and people in prison. or ‘discovering’ that 80% of two and three year old children need Prozac. We spend most of our time obsessing over things which make no difference – because we can’t tell anymore what is important and what isn’t.  I’ll tell you what is. Almost no one can do any of it.

(1) The ability to obtain enough food, water and clothing for the rest of your life without depending on anyone else.  (2)  A warm, safe place to sleep and a moderately clean place for sanitary purposes.  (3) The ability to defend yourself and your family.  That is and always has been YOUR PERSONAL responsibility.  Not the government.  Not the police.  You.  If you can’t do these things,  a million years of evolutionary imperatives have been wasted on you and you will be toast as soon as the power goes off for a month.

What’s the good news?  We won’t be able to pollute the universe and destroy it like we have the earth.  In fact, we won’t be sending humans even to Mars any time soon because the ability to begin to explore space seems to coincide with a civilization using up all of its planets renewable resources; at least that is the case with the only class 1 civilization we know about..

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