‘Smartphones’: the iPhone

I have one.  I don’t usually carry it around – it just sits here.  And it randomly calls people.
All by itself. I don’t know it’s making the call.  I only find out when people return my call at 2:01am to ask why I called them at 2am or at whatever random time it decides to start dialing.  There is no evidence on my end that the call has been placed.  There is no indication it was ever made.

My partner has exactly the same phone and hers doesn’t do that, but I have friends whose phones do, no matter what provider they use – so it’s clear that it’s the iPhone itself, not the network which can be used to send commands which turn your camera and microphone on and connecting without your knowledge is obviously part of that. So calling big brother without your knowledge is part of the secret life of your smartphone (and every other connected device you own).

Your iPhone can absolutely send live data as well as everything else on your phone AND everything on any bluetooth or wi-fi connection it can access and it can do that even if you have specifically turned bluetooth and wi-fi off in ‘settings’.  I have both of those turned off (and location and ‘find my phone) but the phone still makes secret calls – and I have no idea who else it calls or what it tells them but it can spill everything it can access.

I have deleted every app I can, but apps which come with the damn thing can’t be deleted,  Most of them can supposedly be disabled, but I doubt it.  Now I’m beginning to suspect it can communicate even when it is powered off,  so I have set up my spectrum. analyzer to grab the times and duration of any calls it makes and we’ll see.  Even so, I still can’t know who it calls or what it sends or receives.

When I go to my provider (Verizon) I am told that it is a very common iPhone issue, known in the industry as ‘possessed by demons’.  And they replace the phone without even questioning that it’s happening.  They know it is. It’s been rampant at least since the iPhone 6 was released.

There is a ZERO probability that this is a software or hardware bug.  What is likely is that the phone has one or more back doors baked in and that one of THEM has a bug which allows it to accidentally call people in my contacts list instead of keeping its secret calls secret. But I still wouldn’t know except that people call me back.  But when I look, but there is no evidence that my phone placed the call.  As soon as Apple finds the problem (which they deny exists)and fixes it, no one will ever know who is listening to them or accessing their network data, even without Alexa, Cortana and all the other imaginary beings that listen to everything we say and do.

Unfortunately, unless you live in a cave, eat bugs and have no human contact, you or someone you interact with will have a smart phone or laptop or a car or something electronic.  That means we are not alone anymore.  We can never know who is with us 24/7 but we can be absolutely certain that whoever it is isn’t our friend, can see and hear everything we see and hear, and has a perfect memory to record every bit of it.

EDIT:  Turning off iCloud, location services and Find My Phone doesn’t help but I suspect that Find My Phone is spyware.

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