“Stability” in the world doesn’t exist but idiots sure do.

Stability is an interesting word. Basically, it means the ability of nations to engage in long term trade and be able to safely manufacture and deliver a steady stream of  products to customers who are willing to pay more than the products are worth. But there has never been any real stability; things just moved more slowly before the industrial age because ships took weeks or months to make trips and wars were dictated by the speed at which armies could walk.

Now however, while leaders talk of maintaining stability, it’s nonsense. For instance, the US and the EU insist that a military presence in the South China Sea, and confronting China there, is necessary to keep the trade routes open between the west and…China (including Taiwan) and to a lesser extent, Vietnam.  But the US and China are each others’ largest trading partners, so neither have any interest whatsoever in blocking their own trade routes.  We must therefore look for another reason.

It’s true that China wants the technology necessary to manufacture most of our products, but we have been happy to give it to them in exchange for extremely cheap labor and we are more than willing to buy cheap crap because it is cheap.  Now we have noticed that the great majority of our critical manufacturing base has been transferred to China and we are no longer self-sufficient.  We blame that on China, but we are the fools who sent everything offshore. Now we are engaging in trade wars ostensibly  to ‘punish’ China for being astute businessmen, just like we are punishing Russia for the totally ridiculous allegation of  ‘attempting to influence US elections’.  In fact, both of the candidates charged the other of trying to rig the election, but when that went nowhere, the Demoncrats laid it on Russia and the Repugnicans are too stupid to grasp that Trump didn’t win because anyone thought he would be a great President. He won because the majority of citizens didn’t want Hitlery in the White House (although she still has aspirations).  No one mentions that WE spend BILLIONS of dollars a year trying to influence EVERY ELECTION IN THE WORLD and send in the military when we don’t get what we want.

Where are we going?  Short term, China wants Taiwan back and the US wants Taiwan to be an independent country so we can have a military presence within sight of mainland China.  To that end, the US just built a de facto embassy in Taiwan which is billed as the ‘American Institute, but is in reality a diplomatic station.  We are working behind the scene to promote Taiwanese independence – and that is what all this US/China conflict is about.  It is essentially a rehash of our sanctions against Russia for ‘invading’ Crimea  (which they did not do) and preventing the US from establishing a giant NATO military base there from which to contain Russia.

You don’t hear about US forces still fighting in Afghanistan after SEVENTEEN years, or the two military based the US has built in Syria, or the continued US military presence in Iraq, or all over Africa, or in any of the THOUSAND or more bases the US maintains all over the world.  Because if you did hear about all of that, you might wonder why we have those bases. Instead, you hear about school shootings because those tug at your emotions and all of the low IQ idiots/low information do-gooders in the country which, by definition, are exactly 50% of the population, can be convinced to stand up and demand that we eliminate firearms instead of eliminating the irresponsible parenting and horrible education system  which teaches retards to go out and shoot people or otherwise try to get the attention they aren’t getting at home.  TV and the mass media, which are controlled by about SIX people who each have their own agenda, madd media is the best invention ever for pushing propaganda and convincing people to act against their own best interests.  Nothing you see or read has any intellectual value because every bit of it is designed to spoon feed get idiots and convince them to do what advertisers and the media owners want them to do. Sadly, it works.

You can see through the propaganda by understanding that EVERY government, through the media, spoon feeds its citizens with what it wants them to believe. The ‘news’ isn’t really news at all.  Even local news is tilted.  For instance, when you hear that Russia TRIED UNSUCCESSFULLY to influence the US presidential election, which is why we are getting tough with Russia, you ought to wonder who would have won if the attempt had been successful.  As soon as you grasp that it would have been Hillary, you understand immediately that the allegation is complete nonsense and that the Demoncrats are calling Trump a Russian pawn simply for political traction.  He isn’t, of course. OUR politicians are trying to influence the next election and blame it on the Russians (or Chinese, or firearms, or drugs or whatever). But people don’t know any better because they can’t think about what they are being told. They are the shallow idiots who believe anything they hear and will smile and vote against their own best interests.  That’s why  the majority of citizens now live in debt.

In any event, stability in a world of 8 billion people isn’t possible because there are not enough resources to take care of everyone.  So what is happening is that the major players are all vying to control what is left instead of grasping that people are becoming erratic and doing crazy things because psychosis is a subconscious function of overcrowding.  None of this is in the best interests of the general population.  Oh, no.  It’s for the good of the 1% who control all of the money.  Because if the citizenry has to be terrified of guns or a non-threat like North Korea, or if billions of people have to die in order for the rich to stay rich, that is exactly what will, and is, happening.   And it’s happening because someone grasps that when we blew past 350ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere, we began an unstoppable Venus Effect, and we are screwed.  The current CO2 levels are above 408ppm and rising (https://www.co2.earth/).  That doesn’t mean that the entire earth is warming up all at once.  It means that the weather has gone wonky and will get worse.   Wet areas will become wetter and drier at all the wrong times and dry areas will become drier and wetter at all the wrong times. Hot and cold weather will become extreme.  Seasons will blur.  Weather will no longer be predictable from week to week or even from day to day.When rain does come, it will be in the form of floods, droughts will occur where there were none before, hurricanes will get a lot stronger, and crop planning will no longer work. Pretty soon, even GMO crops won’t be able to keep up, and when the corals are all bleached out, there won’t be a bottom rung on the food chain anymore.  If you think things are messed up now, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Even if we had been able to stabilize CO2 levels, in a nuclear/chemical/biological world, in which one mistake, miscalculation, accident ( Fukushima, etc.), in which just a moment of lost concentration on someone’s part can precipitate a nuclear war or other global disaster and, potentially, an extinction event, ‘stability’ doesn’t exist.

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