Sometimes I think the clouds part for a few seconds and I can see the ballet.

I won’t list those times because I already have. I prefer to write about the future which, I know as well as anyone else, cannot be predicted. So here goes.

The US is going to go bankrupt with fiat currency derivatives.  That’s not very difficult to predict.

But the concept that precious metals will retain value for individuals in a post-apocalyptic economy is very hard for people to understand. For at least awhile, the people who will determining value will be people with guns – exactly like today. Try not paying your property taxes.

People who have hoards of gold and silver will be like people who have valuable art objects. it will all be useless until enough production begets an actual NEED to store your labor in some form but everyone will have to have access to whatever that is and people with no PM wont.  I won’t argue it. You must be self-sufficient for food and be able to defend it by force of arms.  Money will come later as a society develops.

And you must understand that there are two and only two human interactions. Negotiation and force. That’s all.  There are no others. If you cannot barter or negotiate from a position of equal strength,  you cannot survive as a free person.  A sufficiently determined and numerically superior attacker will simply use force.  You can only choose to make them pay a cost worth more than their potential gain and then leave them scorched earth or give them what they want. But they will want you as a slave.

You must accept that in such a world, your chances of living through each day get worse with each sunset and approach zero at about age sixty if you are lucky – unless you can rapidly form a mini barter-community and share everyone’s knowledge and abilities. Classic Socialism, in which individual ownership primarily means personal tools and weapons. At age 60 it means having sufficient knowledge that people who are probably hungry  will share their food in exchange for your education and experience.

Evolution does not allow us to merely co-exist for long, though. It requires that some people find ways to take more.  That’s another chapter if I ever get to it¹.

Insofar as US/NATO relations with..specifically Russia and China, but all of their immediate allies and trading partners…the US must, in order to maintain hegemony and dominate the world, subdue it.  All of it.  Financially if possible, and militarily of not. This must happen within the next two years and be completed by the turn of the decade or the chance will have passed.

In the mean time, that same government must effective enslave its own population to maintain order and ensure compliance.²  That is traditionally done by confiscation all weapons,  demonizing some race, religion or creed and setting the citizenry against them while the real evil writes the news.  Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iran, now Russia and China and on it goes.

Do you notice that the CIA is arming and training hundreds of thousands of people indiscriminately all over the world but trying to confiscate firearms in the US?  Want to make sense out of it?  Here:


Let me speak to the actual ‘hot’ war which I expect any old decade.  It has to happen but there are too many variables to understand where and how.  Russia and China begin as underdogs, but the US, which depends on air superiority, cannot win in the air or on the ground with our inferior equipment.  What we can do, and it is our official national policy is to escalate to a surprise nuclear attack if we think we can win a nuclear exchange or bluff the other side into not retaliating.  Only very stupid people think that’s possible.

Within a few more months, the ISIS combatants which left the middle east and went to the EU will be in position to begin electing themselves to positions of power in Europe.  Within one generation they will control it. Erdogan, in Turkey, thinks he would be a wonderful ruler of a new Ottoman empire.







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