March 1, 2018: The US jumped the shark.

President Trump’s really bad idea of increasing import tariffs in a bid to limit China’s exports here is not a solution to China Rising.  The solution would have been to stop greedy US corporations from offshoring everything to China, Vietnam, Korea, Bangladesh, etc., and even Canada and Brazil beginning in the 90s.

Now we have a crumbling infrastructure, no core manufacturing industries, and no way to get it back.

Increased tariffs won’t slow China down one bit.  All they will do is increase our costs of everything containing steel and aluminum.  The price of aluminum foil, for instance,  will skyrocket, along with the price of cars.  But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  All of the cheap junk you buy at Wal-Mart, Target, Ross, Sears and similar stores will be more expensive next month, and the quality will tank at the same time.

Protecting labor-intensive low-tech jobs, which are all that’s left to protect after losing our tech sector,  and trying to rebuild a manufacturing base which can’t compete anywhere, merely tosses the ball to China and makes the US a second world country which we will not accept gracefully, but neither will we be capable of enforcing our will on the rest of the world anymore.  In fact, comparisons have been made to the economy of Brazil.

Pax Americana, just like the British Empire before it, and all of the previous major empires before that*,  will now be remembered for its faded glory and we can finally turn our attention away from idiot retarded school shooters and concentrate on finding enough food.  Our tactic of ”soft’ power, in the form of sanctions to wage war on the cheap, is coming back to bite us.

As an aside, despite all of the nuclear posturing going on in the world, nuclear war is so problematic that is unlikely for maybe ten more years.  Every major potential enemy and most of our ‘friends’ are planning for the demise of the US as a global power before 2050 (and probably by 2034 by my reckoning).  There will be more and more conventional clashes, but if we ever initiate a nuclear holocaust, just ONE 2 Megaton blast 400 km over Kansas will take out the US power grid as well as EVERY mechanical conveyance in the country and it can never be rebuilt**.  In one second, there will be no more electricity, Internet, money, cars, trains, transportation, gasoline, food water, sewers, hospitals or anything else and there is nothing we can do to prevent it.  While the threat of  intentional or natural EMP events is heavily downplayed because they can’t be prevented and no one wants to panic the sheep, the threat is very, very real.  Current estimates suggest that at least 9 out of every 10 Americans (and Canadians and people in northern Mexico would die from such an event – not from radiation, but from disease and starvation.

Basically all of our money is going for war preparations because of some irrational idea that we must control all of the remaining non-renewable resources in the world and can win a nuclear*** with a massive first strike WHEN (not IF) it becomes necessary to reduce the global population by 6 or 7 billion extra mouths.  Shit-for-brains Dubya Bush dropped the US policy of no first strike and mutually assured destruction in favor of the current US policy of launching a massive nuclear first strike without warning at whoever the government perceives to be a threat. The possibility that it might happen is only increased by threatening US behavior which demonstrates that we are a panicked nation which will shoot first.

  • The largest global empires in history:

** EMP:

*** Look at the word ‘NUCLEAR’.  It is pronounced NEW-CLEAR [ˈnü-klē-ər].          ~NOT~ ‘ NU-QUE-LER’



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