Idiots rule the world.

Who owns the lands and seas?

It’s not who you think.  Ownership of anything goes to whoever can take it and hold it.  It’s been that way since day one. International borders don’t mean anything at all if they can’t be successfully defended, and governments and rulers – even elected ones – can be and ARE regularly replaced by more powerful nations, typically the US.

Guns in America.

Idiot liberal women and their pussywhipped gay husbands have turned this country into a clown carnival.  Boys who self-identify as girls are allowed to compete on girls’ teams and, not surprisingly, they win.  In fact, genders are encouraged to experiment with being the other one…or the third one, whatever that is.  Supposedly that creates equality.. What it really does is confuse people.  Homosexuality is a genetic transcription error.  To be blunt, it’s a birth defect.  Tolerating it is fine, but celebrating it is nonsense.

Let me tell you about gun violence. If you load a firearm and put it on the table, it will sit there without killing anyone for the next 2000 years.  If your retarded son, who has been living in a computer-generated fantasy world all his life instead of being taught right from wrong and getting his ass beat when he acts out, decides that he will take the gun to school and shoot all the students who don’t like him because he is a spoiled dipshit BECAUSE OF THE WAY YOU RAISED HIM, it’s not the gun’s fault, IT IS YOURS and you ought to spend the rest of YOUR life in prison with him.  You should have drowned the little bastard when he set fire to your cat.  But you can’t blister his ass anymore because that’s cruel.  Live and don’t learn:  America’s motto.

Sissifying the country by outlawing firearms makes no sense because THE ONLY WAY TO STOP A KILLER WITH A FIREARM IS FOR SOMEONE ELSE WITH A GUN TO ELIMINATE THE THREAT!  When people start shooting, everyone is supposed to ‘shelter in place’ and call a SWAT team who will come out and set up a perimeter until whoever is shooting runs out of ammunition.  What total bullshit.  People are taught to run and hide and the p0lice are trained not to get involved because they might get hurt, and let SWAT handle it when they eventually arrive.  So civilians aren’t supposed to be responsible enough to own firearms and the police aren’t supposed to do anything, and so dipshits with guns (or bottles of acid or bombs made from gasoline, or even driving cars through crowds) can run amok.

Thought processes like that don’t create heroes.  They create victims and paralyze the people who would, 50 years ago, have been the heroes who saved the day because they were there and weren’t afraid to act. No no one can do anything anymore.  No one can do their job or be a responsible parent.  And when their failure manifests, it’s not their fault. It’s the fault of guns, or it’s because little Herbert can’t wear a dress to school.

We want heroes.  We want brave men.  We want knights in shining armor and cowboys in white hats.  And then we set up all the conditions so they can’t exist. Brilliant.


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