Quantum Enigma.

Subatomic particles probably aren’t particles at all.  They are more likely energy fields which don’t coalesce into discrete particles until they are disturbed.   And so, electron clouds are actually variable energy fields,  not actual particles orbiting a nucleus: that is merely our perception.  Observation itself alters the energy fields into particles, which is what we see.  It is quite likely that this energy potential creates entangled particles upon disturbance.  The  twinned particles could, in theory, form and exist at any distance within the universe, but not outside of it.  Black holes, for instance, ‘probably’ break entanglement.

This might explain the quantum enigma as well as quantum tunneling and does not require a reversal in spacetime as postulated by physicists in describing ‘delayed viewing in the slit experiment’.  Quantum uncertainty is only uncertain to us because we haven’t discovered the physical laws involved.  In point of fact, the search for smaller and smaller particles cannot distinguish between ‘discovering’ and ‘creating’.  They look exactly the same. And while we have had enormous success in manipulating particles through the application of the theory of special relativity, manipulating particles has not and probably cannot lead us to a grand unified theory.  But the clue is there: energy and matter are convertible.  We study particles because we can either see them or infer them, and manipulate them, thus all of our technology involves manipulating particles and using immense amounts of energy to convert particles into energy. But if energy converts to mass merely through disturbance (such as observation), E=MC2 does not explain how.

Instead of thinking of particles as the basic building blocks of matter, we might be better placed if we thought of particles as a by-product of energy – thus explaining why there isn’t enough matter in the universe to explain gravity without resorting to ‘dark matter’  as unknown particles and ‘dark energy’ as a theoretical construct which allows us to persist with the concept that since we can see and feel matter, it must be the basis for everything.

By the way, the universe MIGHT be expanding because the billions of black holes are venting everything out into another universe.  Gravity sucks, ya know.

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