The secret of Chinese counterfeits.

There are several levels of counterfeit products from China. Top-level counterfeits come off the same production line as the real ones.  The only difference is that the owner of the brand doesn’t get 10,000 percent profit from Chinese labor. And that’s the ONLY difference most of the time.

Sometimes though, with ‘smart’ goods, a few extra lines of instruction are baked into the hardware or firmware.  It may never matter but in reality no one can check everything. If there are gremlins baked into our infrastructure, communications and logic devices, military hardware, banking and commerce  etc., whether intentionally placed or simply various bugs – and you may be sure there are – then all of that can go to hell in a heartbeat while our attention is focused on North Korea, Syria, the Russians, Dancing with the Stars, or whatever ridiculous bullshit the news points to this week.

Everything you do, even if you are not heavily invested in crypto-currency ,depends on the power grid. Everything.  When that goes out – even for a week – the world will look like a completely different place afterward.  If it goes out for a month….

However, until that happens, think about this:

Profiteering in fake goods – electronics, fashion, medicine, cosmetics, entertainment products, even food and vegetables – anything that has a brand following or a military/commercial presence – that is to say, anything for which a demand exists – is more profitable overall than dealing in drugs. And profiteers think absolutely nothing about placing fakes in the mainstream because their profit margin becomes enormous and there is almost ZERO chance of being prosecuted if they are caught, which is also very unlikely.

So there is a huge incentive to put fake, and almost always substandard components into  products. Especially ones which are manufactured or assembled offshore,  or enormously expensive government, defense, medical, research equipment and so forth which is manufactured in-country from imported components. And no one ever knows the difference.


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