Gay people aren’t gay by choice.  They are born that way and they ought to be tolerated and accepted. They are as good as anyone else – but no better.  ‘Gay pride’ is a bit over the edge in my opinion. Homosexuality is nothing to be proud of.  It results from a genetic transcription error.  Phrased simply, it’s a birth defect, not a point of pride. “Gay pride’ parades and gay people trying to shove their sexuality in everyone’s face and mocking heteros in order to bend the country’s political will to treat them better than everyone else – not equally.  Humans have two plumbing systems.  Some humans have both and some have the wrong kind, but that doesn’t make a case for three gender bathrooms when there are not three genders of people.  It’s political correctness gone wild, and the US military’s recent policy of acceptance of openly trans-gendered people is just another example of how ridiculous society had become.

My point is that successful people are successful because they are good at what they do.  If they are gay as well, then they are – but being gay as a profession is not usually a successful career path in and of itself.


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