38 North’s commentary regarding Kim Jong Un’s sudden warmth for South Korea


Well, no. What is actually happening is that the DPRK has grasped that Koreans want to be unified, but the North wants unification under the North, and the South obviously has other ideas.  The DPRK can’t achieve that goal militarily and neither can the South…

Kim has recognized that the US, which effectively owns the UN, is going for the DPRK financially.  It’s not a secret of course, but it’s necessary since neither China nor Russia (nor even South Korea) will accept a general military solution.  But the sanctions, which are the US version of ‘soft war’ are hurting the DPRK.

So Kim is going to cozy up to South Korea and get aid from them (the easiest way is to re-open the tourist trade from the south) as well as getting them to pressure the US/UN to cut back on sanctions.  It’s just that simple.  If he were a little smarter, he’d start to open his borders to the south and intertwine the two countries until they became unified naturally – but then he wouldn’t be on the world stage anymore.

The US tried sanctions on Russia because Russia protected it’s own border from a major US base in the Crimea, much to the dismay of the US hegemony planners – but Russia was right, and the sanctions are making them stronger by the day.  However, US sanctions are being overused to the point at which other countries are simply ignoring them – and when that occurs, a US military presence won’t be accepted in the thousand or so bases the US maintains globally and the US will have to settle for being A major power instead of THE major power.

Now the US is talking about sanctioning China because it is rising and moving to protect it’s borders and trade routes.  But if Americans look around, they will notice that almost everything they have is made in China.  China holds a huge amount of US debt and, as they showed in 2007, they can tank the US economy in 24 hours and, depending on what metrics you choose, China is already the leading global economy.  The US cannot maintain  world domination much longer.  We will have to learn to play nice and live without  the huge hammer of the Petrodollar, which we have used to bash the world since WWII.




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