The world around us.

Dear climate-change-denier idiots and bleeding heart liberals:

“Global warming” doesn’t mean that every place on earth is getting warmer.  It means the atmosphere is changing and climate is becoming radical and unpredictable.  Hurricanes will trend toward categories 5, 6 and 7 instead of 2,3 and 4.  Hot weather will become hotter.  Rain will fall sporadically in places which were once dry, and places which used to get steady, predictable annual rainfall will start to see flooding interspersed with drought. There is a whole lot more:  The clathrate gun; the end of the Atlantic conveyor which will stop the jet stream (and all weather for that matter); the impending Venus syndrome, honey bee crashes…

Normal seasonal variations are being and will continue to be replaced with radical weather departures.  The process has started and is already past the point at which it could have been stopped. This will lead to ll sorts of new problems, but one is a wave of diseases we either don’t know about yet or that we can’t treat.  People are now dying from viruses which are completely untreatable. Another is the imminent disruption of food and water resources. The hydrologic cycle is fixed.  It doesn’t change.  There is only a certain amount of fresh water available on earth and already there isn’t enough. The huge global aquifers are running dry, too.

Light, sweet crude oil is being replaced with crappy, high-sulphur tar sand but we will run out of that soon enough as well. All the oil that nature put down over hundreds of millions of years has been almost completely depleted in just over 100 years. It won’t last another fifty.

So you are doing your bit because you have an electric car, eh?  It was manufactured in a fossil fuel factory as were all its components.  More fossil fuel was used to make it than it will ever save and the electricity you use to recharge it?  Fossil fuel mostly. Or the occasional wind farm that was also built from fossil fuel manufacturing.  Plastic is a fossil fuel derivative. Nylon is too.

Want to see what is happening with arable land? Look this over.  Look carefully.  The numbers are right there and anyone can do the math. But if you just look at one of these things, you won’t get the big picture.  When things begin to tumble out of control everything else will go too.

Why can’t we change it before it’s too late?  Because we have an evolutionary mandate to procreate that we cannot change. There are 7.5 Billion people trying to live on a 3.5 Billion person world.  And while there are more and more of us every day, we are all competing for fewer and fewer resources. Look around.  Everything you buy is smaller and cheaper and costs more than it did a year or two ago.  That won’t change either.

The earth isn’t going to get any bigger and we aren’t going to stop breeding and competing for resources.  We can’t.  That’s the nature of evolution; we can’t change it.  We can’t go the stars, either.  We aren’t even going to Mars until they figure out how to insulate astronauts in a bubble of three feet of water to absorb most of the cosmic rays on the trip. Space travelers come back shot full of microscopic holes. The injuries aren’t visible, but they are severe enough to disrupt DNA, cell function and, after a couple of years create systemic damage which will eventually prove fatal.  That doesn’t even consider that after limited time in space, people who return are too weak to even exit their vehicles and have to be carried off. That’s not an immediate problem, but their bones simply start to melt away in zero gravity.  By the time they got to Mars IF they survived the trip, they would be unable to do anything at all.

But that’s not the end of the story, it’s just the beginning.  As population densities increase, people are going to start acting like exactly what they are: trapped rats.  They will get more violent, and more irrational, and so will governments.  Pretty soon competition for non-renewable resources will start to cause nuclear, chemical and biological wars on a massive scale.  There is no other option. Since earth cannot support 10 billion people, there will never be 10 billion people. There may not be any at all pretty soon.

Here’s an analogy:  We live in a petri dish.  We eat agar. There are always more and more of us but less and less agar.  We can’t climb out, we can’t eat once the agar is used up and we can’t make any more.  Simple, no?






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