Israel, the Middle East and US policy

The fighting in Yemen makes no sense to outsiders.  Yemen cannot sustain itself as a sovereign country, much less pose a threat to Saudi Arabia. Iran cannot logistically support a conflict there except as a thorn in Saudi’s side, even with the DPRK’s help.
Pakistan will eventually fall to hard-line Muslims who want Sharia as a means to control people and use them as soldiers for conquest.  Afghanistan will go as well.  Afghanistan simply cannot be controlled by outside intervention because the terrain and tribal ties preclude outside control. China will eventually have to work with India to clean up the region, after which China and India will be at loggerheads.
Syria has always been a threat to Israel.  A stable Syria threaten’s Israel’s eastern border and, while Egypt was temporarily stabilized by a western-initiated ‘Arab Spring’, and was temporarily bought off with a thousand M1A tanks, Arabs and Jews have never peacefully co-existed and never will.  Therefore Israel must remove Palestine (and by Inference the Palestinean people) as an entity within Israel’s borders and must then occupy and integrate Lebanon.  They did occupy Lebanon once, but the time was not right and they overstepped, but it will happen.  Persia should historically provide a buffer against the Arabs but the growth of Islam has confused the issue, Islam co-opted Persian culture and Iran has become an unnatural player in the Arab Muslim world.
The Brzezinski Doctrine, still in play to neutralize Russia, has been adapted for the Middle East but isn’t playing well and won’t play much longer in the Balkans. Installing the Shah in Iran worked for a time, but western attempts to control oil production will only work until the oil begins to run out and more immediate threats appear: The DPRK, Pakistan, the Muslim invasion of Europe, etc. They are just the beginning
The underlying issue in all of this is population.  We are approaching a global population of 9 billion people on a planet which could have sustained 3.5 billion people indefinitely but cannot sustain 9 billion.  As global populations increase, there are simply insufficient resources available, so competition for the remaining ones must increase.  Renewable resources ultimately depend on non-renewable resources.  Plastic, nylon, power generation, farming, logging, fisheries, mining and manufacturing all depend on non-renewables and the fixed hydrologic cycle of earth. The pressures of population density are now affecting the weather.  Where I live, weather forecasting no longer works and the forecast sometimes changes hourly instead of the bi-weekly or weekly forecast accuracy we are used to.
Those of us who are in our seventh decade are struck by the devolution of society. Mass shootings are becoming the norm as are drug addiction, antisocial behavior and psychosis. But it’s not because of guns, which are inanimate.  It is the pressure of population densities at work and nothing except mass extinction can stop it.
Twenty small apples, 3 cups of flour, a cup of sugar, some butter and an hour at 375 degrees will make 8 slices of pie….or provide enough apples, bread and  sweet tea for twenty people.  But when there are 60 hungry people vying for those 20 apples, no amount of diplomacy will grow more apples or convince 40 of those people they have to starve.
The concept that 9+ Billion people can live in peace and continue to reproduce in comfort is neither logical nor possible.  Even living at subsistence levels with those numbers is not possible.  So it cannot happen.  What will happen instead is an anthropogenic extinction event. In point of fact, it began in 2017 and will culminate in world upheaval within twenty years.
People glance at these numbers but they don’t take time to actually think about them:

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