This is the reason people ought to let the President do his job.

You send your tanks to where you think you will need them. Ours are going to the Balkans. WE wanted to build a huge NATO base in Crimea to lock Russia out of the Black Sea. 

I think the US saw how Russia reacted. We say they invaded, but there were no casualties and the people in Crimea have a different story. We decided that Russia was re-booting the USSR. So we decided to surround them on their land border and use our NATO ally Turkey to prevent them from getting out of the Black Sea…but Turkey flipped.

By this time no one trusts the US anymore, either. All that ‘Freedom and liberty’ nonsense turned out to mean killing everyone who no longer wants to use the Petrodollar.  That is Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, Russia and China – and everyone else is waiting to see how it plays because except for the major oil countries no one cares how oil is denominated as long as it keeps flowing.

Back to the Balkans:  We have Russia ‘surrounded’ on land to keep any Neo-USSR from expanding. Russia can win either in Syria or in the Balkans, but not both at once. The US can’t fight WW lll  because (1) Megaton-sized nuke 400 KM over Kansas will take out our entire civilian infrastructure for months.

A thousand nukes will wipe us out. Russia has 7,000 ready and so do we. Maybe we can take Russia with us, but maybe not. Russia has had game-changing intelligence since the 70s and there is no reason to believe they still don’t.  Either way, China will then rule the world, or whatever is left of it, with only India as a potential competitor.

This is the deal.  We are all expendable.  We have been set to fighting each other and that’s what we are doing, for completely insane reasons.  Big dogs are going to eat smaller dogs until the dogs are gone and then the big rats will start eating smaller ones. Somewhere in there the nukes will fly.

If you know that, you can see it happening.  Everywhere. Today only ten countries in the entire world are not at war. 

Can you, tomorrow, live in 1850, or can you walk to where you can from where you are with what you can carry?  Amazingly, a lot of people can!  Until a ten-year winter comes and temperatures get 20 degrees colder. Until the rain, snow and fresh water and blowing dust become radioactive. Then it’s a different ballgame. No stores, gasoline, water, food, toilet paper, electricity, communications, medication, doctors or dentists…no new clothes or shoes, soap, radio, TV.  Nut’n honey.

THAT is what Trump has to fix. Trying to remove him by causing a revolution will be just make it happen all at once instead of being spread over twenty years. 

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