Joys of a Muslim wife

How wonderful is that?

“Only beat your wife with a short stick.” take care not to make her ugly or you will have to abandon her in the streets and get a new one. But if someone rapes her or sees her without hajib, she is dishonored and must be killed. That usually takes the form of stoning if you ask the neighbors to do it or beheading if you ask a judge to order it. I’m not sure if you have to pay for it, but I’m sure the swordsman would accept a gratuity.

 Let’s organize millions of American women to march in favor of it. Get them hyped up over something  that pushes their buttons. Doesn’t need to be true, either. Once they put their emotions on the line you can convince them to dress as giant vaginas, and…  No, no, I know it doesn’t sound believable, but believe it. It came to me in a dream line the Holy Ghost or something and talked to me. This is the straight scoop, man! 

They WILL suck it up like a thick, frozen chocolate malt up the nose.  BUT WAIT! That’s not all if you act now! They will ACTUALLY protest FOR giant vagina costumes, and WEAR THEM!   See, Pal:  Libtard women buy into this nonsense and think marching in hajib against rights and freedoms they already have…like the right to vote….really IS an honor because a fellow moron told them it was.  Fact checking?  Fuhgeddaboudit.  We are more culturally literate, but eventually they will demand fewer and fewer rights and we’ll have to go along.

In Saudi Arabia they don’t put up with it.  Something called ‘honor killing’ see, HER honor is stained by being raped and that stains YOURS, and YOU have to fix it. by killing HER. What better logic is there?  Perfectly legal to kill your wives and daughters if beating them with a stick doesn’t do it for you anymore. 

Did ya see Hillary leading the parade? No she wasn’t there. “Better together” means ‘Better if you, together with as many female and gender unspecific people get together and VOTE for her’.  If she doesn’t win, it’s because YOU didn’t come through and now you have to wear pink knit dunce cap for 12 hours through the Capital. Some of the worse offenders have to wear giant clam costumes and march while the world laughs at you.  Madonna and Cher were there but they didn’t wear pink knit caps or giant clam costumes. They aren’t fools. The two most abused women millionaires in the world is what I suppose they are. They came and left in limos and they didn’t hang with the riff-raff.  They got rich by showing off their giant clams back and exploiting MEN back in the days before electricity.

The march organizers, Gloria Steinem and some ISIS broad, didn’t hang with the cheap seats either.. But they got the the marchers themselves to mostly fund the whole deal with George Soros picking up the tab for the vandals.They broke a couple of windows and burned an Muslim immigrant’s limo and a few trash cans. But the streets had been cleared of barricade material. 

There was still enough Original Crisco(tm) on the pavement to grease Mighty John McCain’s thimble into Lindsay Graham’s poop chute but I probably shouldn’t gossip since they didn’t attend either, nor Michelle Obama,  the paragon of lost hope and BAAAD fashion.  John Kerry came by, leading Samantha Power on a leash. His government-issue state department security team wasn’t impressive. It looked like he called for a detail and they grabbed the people who had the shit duty as building securoty that day and pressed  them into service.

Six days into his term, Donald Trump has done more GOOD for the country than O-Dawg and his pit-bull did in 8 YEARS. The Os. spent the day opening doors for the Trumps, and not liking it. They have already started up yet another scam to bilk the American people for cash.  The Obama Foundation – promoting Muslims, probably – but it’s tanking on day one and Barack looks very thin and sickly. I don’t care to diagnose him, but it doesn’t look good to me. Michelle has always been a surly bitch and got a lot worse toward the end. A Pit Bull, like I said.

I’ll let you go, buddy. If you find a pink knit cap when you go home, you’ll know you aren’t an alpha male, Charie or Delta most likely. Pussy-whipped, now it’s gonna get worse.  You are the easiest male target,  You are going to take the heat for every imagined wrong your other half goes off about. Your wife now thinks it’s her duty to dominate YOU because she doesn’t like Donald Trump. He isn’t taking a salary and his wife is a supermodel….and 11 on a 10 scale. Yours will clock in about a 2. You have nothing good to look forward to. Remember MASH.  Suicide is painless. If you have life insurance, it will be enough to find your wife another husband – that’s all you are worth.

I gotta finish the advice paragraph in the morning. I’m getting tired now. But it will be worth reading.



As I imagine they say in church…Get thee behind me Satan…


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