What REALLY happened to Hillary.

She and her #pizzagate friends handed the election to Trump.  Her team knew she couldn’t beat Bernie.  So they made the conscious decision to eliminate him and THEY, more than anyone else, promoted Trump to the Dems because she thought she could make him look like a fool and walk away with the election.

The polls showed them close to even, but the polls which got PUBLISHED in the MSM showed her with odds of over 98%.  That was completely false.  Then her ego ran away with her and she called half the voters in the country ‘Deplorables’ for being tired of the dishonesty she had been injecting into the government along with Bill, Dubya and Obama.

The real people, not the stoner 1%, got good and tired of it and bitch-slapped her right out of politics. She has been beaten by Obama and now TWICE by Trump. Once every few generations democracy actually wins.  We won.  Trump probably can’t make America Great Again.  But maybe he can change the world, and he is doing a damn good job so far.

All you rich assholes who said you were going to leave the country if Trump won?  GETFO. Go.  Whoever is SUPPOSED to be running US Intelligence needs to start doing the job right.  The people who are supposed to find and destroy paedophile rings at the highest levels of world government need to get our troops out of NATO and start getting it done.

Hillary did it to herself and the news we are hearing is lies, meant to prop up a very sick government which is no longer responsible to the people.  We are changing that.  If it takes armed people in the streets to prevent crime and riots, Americans can be trusted to defend our country.  We need to.  We CREATED the Muslim invasion. China didn’t.  We CREATED ISIS. Russia didn’t.  And now we have to stop it but Russia and China are doing the heavy lifting and we are STILL playing games. It’s nothing but a game to Soros.  It’s nothing but a game to Obama…an ego trip.  An $8 TRILLION ego trip.  Because we let him.

We let the government tell us what was best for us.  We let them send all of our jobs away and spend all the money our children now can’t earn.  We turned public education and medical care into ‘play for pay’ so we don’t have any left.

Now we want to go to war with Russia because Hillary can’t take the blame for her own irresponsible actions.  We are re-arming ISIS….STILL.  And the Dakota pipeline isn’t stopped.  It’s just going around the corner and will take another route.

As of today, nothing has changed.  Trump may not really get control of the government even after he takes office. It may still be owned by someone else entirely.  But if he can’t grab it and flush it and take control of our future, we don’t have a future.

This is it.  The next few months.  We will start to turn around, or we will have civil war. It’s not a joke. It’s your life.

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