It’s not a mystery.

Trump won because America CLEARLY voted for CHANGE 8 years ago.  Obama promised that change, but didn’t deliver.  A lot of people think Trump will and if he goes way overboard, then that’s the way it is. The pendulum swings; it never stops going too far.  If Obama had come across, this wouldn’t have become an issue.

And, of course, Bernie could have beaten Trump.  Hillary threw him under the bus because she’s Hillary.  So America stood up and stated AGAIN, that (1) WE WANT CHANGE, and (2) we are done with the goddamn Clintons.

Let’s fix the economy first. Stop welfare. If you want a retirement, spend twenty years in public service.  If you live in the projects, they are going to be torn down to build factories so you can have a job.

We are spending $100k a year to feed, clothe and house 3-strike violent criminals.  We need the infrastructure rebuilt.  1+1 = chain gangs.

Pardon all marijuana-related sentences.  Give all serial rapists and pedophiles a bullet in the neck. PROSECUTE CROOKED POLITICIANS.


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