No matter who wins, WE LOSE.

For at least two years I have predicted a Clinton victory.  I have never called a Presidential election wrong since Kennedy but I HOPE I miss this one.  She’s an awful person and she ought to serve in prison – not the White House.  But people are stupid, so we get to choose between Clinton and Trump.  Hobson’s choice.

No matter which of them wins, America loses big.  We will go right to shit as a nation, lose our First World/Superpower status, and be consigned to the scrap heap of history.  Our economy will tank. We may have another civil war.  We will almost certainly have a nuclear war with Russia that only China can win – but that’s where we are going.

Yesterday I tried to get some world news from all the news aggregators I could find online.  There IS no news.  It’s now scripted ‘reality’ TV without the reality.  It’s all tear-jerking human interest stories.  It’s talking heads reading scripts that the conglomerate owners of the media outlets want you to hear.  It’s lies, and it’s been going on so long that people believe it. ‘Leadership by example’ has become ‘leadership by herding the sheep to the pen and fleecing them over and over’.

You can’t even GUESS at the truth anymore – you can only be fleeced. The situation that creates is that, since no one can get the truth about ANYTHING, and they KNOW everything any politician says is bullshit, they begin to make stuff up.  But they can’t even make up how bad things really are.

For instance, Hillary has Parkinson’s.  I won’t debate it.  She has it and she can’t hide it.  The question then becomes why is she running for President?  To get in the history books I presume.  But she won’t be able to serve in that office, so we’ll get Tim Kaine.  Do you know who that is?  He’s the guy who got three people to show up to his rally last week.

So what this election is, is a coup – no matter who wins.  And We The People don’t know who owns the next President.  We only know that they aren’t working for us.

IF there is any good news at all, it’s that Obama is leaving.



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