Dark energy and dark matter.

I have denigrated their existence believing that the total measurements of matter have been skewed and ‘dark’ was an unneeded complication.

Now it occurs to me that dark energy and matter change from one form to another through time, so E=MC2 plays  – probably in that very form. Dark matter is treated the same way as light matter by gravity in classical physics.  Clearly, dark matter and dark energy are linked, as are light energy and standard matter.  But what is just as clear is that they must ALL interact – although in way not commonly expected or observed by us.

Neither can dark matter be a fixed ‘cosmological constant’. Nothing in the universe is either fixed or constant.  At best it can mitigate fluctuations in standard energy and matter so they do not run amok – and to do that, they must all be in the mix.  It seems to me the interaction must be predominantly one way, but most of the Feynman documents are pay-to-view and beyond my means.

However, I will develop a more complete theory in which I shall argue that dark matter is a variant or product or otherwise related to light matter, and the variance, and conversion between them may provide a source of communication we have not, considered as a possibility.  Not a cornucopia of free energy – but the possibility that combining matter and anti-matter in one particle (as has been done) in order to moderate the matter-antimatter interaction could open an entirely new branch of physics.

Since energy cannot be lost in either transition, it is there in the huge mass of dark energy and dark matter with which we have no contact at the moment.

When we do, spooky events at a distance may become knowable to us.  I predict that entangling dark and light particles will eliminate many limitations for communicating faster than light.


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