Hillary stole the nomination and destroyed the world.

“She never forgets who she is fighting for”  -Howard Dean about Hillary Clinton

That’s true.  And it’s her.  Does anyone actually grasp why pharma companies can charge so much for medicines?  Hillary did that for them with Obama’s help.  It started back in the Bill Clinton days.

I don’t suppose anyone remembers when US student loans became ‘for profit’?  You can thank Hillary and Goldman Sachs.

And now she stole the nomination.  Make no mistake, Bernie was going to win until Hillary’s team snuffed him.  The very same way her team snuffed the US guys in Benghazi.  You can’t blame that little sissy Obama for that. He’s WAY out of his depth.  It was Hillary. Obama is a monkey on a stick.

She’s not done.  Her team came up with that phony story about the Russians stealing HER email to help Trump.  Well, the fact is that those emails are toxic but the Russians didn’t write them. Hillary and her team wrote them.  And by blaming the Russians for something SHE did, she demonstrated her total disregard for honesty and morality and anyone except herself.  She set up the next thing Goldman Sachs wants, and that is a war with Russia in Ukraine and Syria and a war with Iran and Venezuela.

Guess who is going to have to go and fight in those wars?  The idiot millennials who are trying to get her elected.  The same idiot children who have no jobs and so much college debt that they can never pay it.  And THEIR children. And YOUR children.  We have seen this show before.

The old people understand for the most part.  The young and idealistic don’t want history.  They want hope and dreams.  And, because they aren’t getting into college anymore, they are convinced that magic is possible and we can turn it all around…by hoping and dreaming and catching Pokemon.  Like we have created a kinder, gentler world.  Like we have shown the world how tolerant we are and how full of brotherly love we are for our fellow man – except blacks – and foreigners – and homeless US combat veterans – and women and children.  Actually, for everyone who doesn’t have any money left to give the banks.  Those people are known in rich circles as ‘zombies’.

Simply by using that “The Russians did it because they are on Trump’s side” meme damn near guarantees us a nuclear WWIII in ~2017. Unless Trump wins.  I hope he does, but I have made my call.  I actually made it years ago – it’s posted on here somewhere if you want to search for it.  I predicted that if Hitlery made it to the nomination, she would win. I stand by that prediction.  It’s one of the main reasons I also predicted WWIII and the beginning of the Anthropogenic extinction event in 2017.  She is the Grim Reaper.

Because if you look, you can see this coming years in advance.  My first Presidential prediction was JFK.  I have never been wrong about a Presidential election.  Ever.  It would be great if I missed this time because Trump probably won’t reach for the red button in his first five minutes. And I’m going to vote for him for that reason.  But I think Hillary’s propaganda machine will knock him off and, even if that doesn’t happen, Uncle Joe Stalin said it best. “It’s not who votes that counts –  it’s who counts the votes”.  You watch and see if the same thing that happened to Bernie doesn’t happen to Trump.

So your food costs ten times what it did in 2008.  And your medical bills cost ten times what they did in 2008.  And less than half of the college graduates since 2008 have the jobs they expected – their parents aren’t retiring.  They have to eat, too.  And you are financially in the toilet compared with 2008.  That’s not because of the opposition party.  That’s Clinton, Bush, and Obama.  The three horsemen of America’s apocalypse.

People used to get a little bit of interest on their CDs at the bank.  Enough to break even for the cost of living.  Now, over the Clinton/Bush/Obama years, everyone is living at the end of their credit limit.  Just to eat and keep the power on.  This is what those people CAUSED, not what they are going to cure.  Not a vision for YOUR future.  A vision for theirs. You aren’t in that vision.

I’m sitting four rooms away and I can hear Bill Clinton yelling at the DNC convention and people applauding.  About how great Hillary is.  About her vision for America. About milk and honey.  Then I spin through the news on my computer and half the news is about Hillary and the other half is about Pokemon GO, and I realize just exactly how screwed we are.  No one can distinguish between Hillary and Pokemon.

Well….YOU are screwed.  I’m not.  I’m almost 70.  I have no family, no career, no friends, and I’ll never fall in love again. If I don’t wake up tomorrow, I’ll be the first one in line not to care.  When I die Goldman Sachs can fuck themselves.  I’m going to leave them nothing but debt.  All I can pile up.  They can bail me out of Hell if they want to collect it.

Apart from being fired from her first job after college for being dishonest, and than making a career of greed, manipulation and dishonesty on a global scale, Hillary has done much more than we will ever know, in ways that will start to become apparent this year.  She showed that cheaters DO win, and that black lives don’t matter.  Regardless of all the black people parading around the podium at the DNC, there is going to be a race war and Hillary is backing the government, not the citizens.

America, what’s left of it, is going to be stolen and replaced with debt that can never be paid.  Oh, wait!  That already happened.  Well, the food and water are going to go to the rich, white Americans.  They already have all of the money.  And you already owe them your lives and your children’s lives which they will be around to collect real soon now.  The use they have for your kids has nothing to do with good jobs and education.  It has to do with humping a rifle around some desert.

And everyone…EVERYONE…is so goddamn stupid, they can’t see it coming.

People don’t get what they vote for:  Rainbows and lollipops.  They get WHO they vote for.  And they always get the government they deserve.

Just thinking about it makes me so upset I sometimes fall off my Unicorn.

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