I just took this picture.

They are of a legitimate county road sign on a public street in Hilo, Hawaii.  It is facing the wrong way, so drivers in the correct lane can’t see it.  In order for anyone to rea the sign from a traffic lane, they could have to be driving on the wrong side of the road.

In order to take the picture, I had to drive across the road and park as far out of the traffic lane on the wrong-side shoulder facing traffic as I could get.FullSizeRender The car in the picture is parked on a lot facing the street.

I am not going to call the road department and ask.  I have been hesitant to ask questions in Hawaii since I noticed that they fry shrimp whole and munch them down, head, legs, shell, tail, everything.

I am pretty sure the target audience for this sign will, by definition, never see it.


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