Roundup Ready? Never mind. The water pump blew up again.

I want to kill some weeds in my yard.  But how can I do it without making my property a Superfund site?  Why the newest non-toxic poison, of course!

I am going to try and explain something I probably can’t explain.  I’d need to refer to an endrocrinologist.  So I will eschew the science of how catabolic processes break down big molecules into small bits which are used up in the respiration which is needed to create energy required for anabolic processes to build up tissues and organs and….well, that’s why I’m going to skip it.  But the same things happen…sort of…in plants.  You break them down and then you slam them with totally uncontrollable cell-growth until they just burn up trying to reproduce. We call that cancer.

Roundup weedkiller was brought to market by Monsanto in 1974. It was great…lauded to be a breakthrough like penicillin….or DDT.  It’s main ingredient, Glyphosate (~50%), isn’t really all that toxic unless you ingest a lot of it.  The surfactants and other components…the other 50%…are the worst parts anyway.  But Roundup has become an endemic poison.

Monsanto used it as a vehicle to corner the US seed market for grains first, and then most other crops in the US and are now doing the same thing all over the world, helped by the TPP.  They do it by selling herbicides which kill every plant except their special GMO shit.  So if you want to grow crops, you grow GMO crops.  Everything you eat is full of it. The government says GMO and poison residue in any amount is OK, and GMO labels aren’t required.

But every fish and animal raised for food or used as byproducts to feed OTHER things which are used for food, not only get fed the majority of the antibiotics produced anywhere in the world.  Animals and crops in almost every country have been raised on GMO food or animal by-products which aren’t fit for human consumption, but are FULL of antibiotics, GMO residue and residual Glyphosate products.  All of them.  Effectively, Glyphosate kills plants and then breaks down into, for instance, sarcosine.  Which aggressively causes cancer in everything warm-blooded as well as fish and reptiles.  The description of the mechanism of plant death from ALL modern herbicides is exactly the description of a cancer, so aggressive that it destroys the plant within days. (Sorry – it was worth a repeat.)

So much Roundup is being used that it’s derivatives – the chemicals it breaks down into in plants and soil, and which are known carcinogenians – are in our food.   A LOT of them.  It’s like a chemical Fukushima (which is still going stronger than ever, BTW.)

But there is a problem. The US food crop, which is now completely dependent on Monsanto and other agro-chemical companies, is too big to fail because it would take down our entire food chain at once instead of just a few thousand more of us a year.  A few tens of thousands of us a year.  The US CAN’T outlaw Glyphosate because politicians get a lot of money from Monsanto.  In Hawaii, too.  ESPECIALLY IN HAWAII.  Hawaii is Monsanto’s testing ground, just like Central Africa is the US biochemical and germ warfare testing center. Remember Ebola?  It ALMOST got away from the bio-warfare weenies, didn’t it.

No one sees the danger because the onset is slow.  No one can see radiation in tuna, or sarcosine  in eggs or milk.  Or antibiotics in every animal product. Vegans are fooling themselves. That same stuff is in oatmeal and flour and tomatoes, and green leafy vegetables.  “Oh, but it’s ‘organic’ “.  Look at your ‘organic’ food.  Is it full of bug holes.  No, or you wouldn’t buy it.  Do you check the fresh local produce you buy from ANY store or at the Farmers market for snails?  You can’t just wash it off.  You need so soak local produce and most ALL produce in weak bleach.  And even if you do all of that, something will get through. Your system will break down eventually.  Most people don’t think of sanitation.  Imagine no running water and no paper products. You wipe with a loofah or a leaf; pour some ‘essential oils’ on the loofah or rag,  toss the contents of shit bucket out the window and toss the rag back in the bucket for the next  person to use.   But now you can’t survive on vegan food anymore because there isn’t enough of it.  The babies are crying  because the rats have stepped up to your niche in the food chain and are eating them.

You have been using ‘natural’ week-killer.  Salt, liquid soap and vinegar. In fact, the ‘natural’ weed killer everyone talks about, that very combination – a mixture of salt, liquid soap and vinegar, is expensive, and you have to keep using it. You may use noni vinegar and homemade lye soap, but the active ingredient is salt, and it’s expensive. ‘Natural’ is more toxic than pure Glyphosate at the same exposure levels.  But unless you like eating bowls of salt with liquid detergent and a little vinegar sweetener, Glyphosate is probably your primary source of carcinogens  because you don’t have to use it intentionally.  You don’t even know about it.  But it’s there  Anything is bad at a large enough dosage.  We get a large dose of this because we can no longer even GET non-genetically modified grain because it has been modified to out-compete natural crops.  So for farmers to produce competitive yields, they have to USE GMO seeds, and they HAVE to use Roundup or a clone.  The patent has run out on the original.  Now it’s in everything.

So I want to kill some weeds.  The easiest way is pool salt from Home Depot.  ~$8 for 40 pounds and it’s much more pure than any table salt you can buy.  I use it instead of table salt.  It has zero additives.  No Iodine either.  You will have to use an iodine supplement.  As a side note, salt is toxic to rats because it makes them retain moisture and their little bladders pop. They can’t evacuate it. The feed stores get $25 for a quart zip-lock which contains scratch grain with a TINY bit of finely ground salt added.  I tried to make some but couldn’t get the salt fine enough or evenly dispersed. Next time maybe a very fine low-concentrate mist and let it dry. It works for awhile.  Everything works on rats for awhile.  Then they smarten up.

I investigated every family of herbicide available in the US.

The newest unregulated one – supposedly safe – of course, because all poison is safe for humans and animals, right?, was marketed in 2007.  It’s called Milestone.  Dow makes it.  The molecule looks to me a lot like nicotine sulfate, so I know it’s probably not even safe to touch the bottle without chemical protection.

So with the foreknowledge that poison is poison, I bought some.  A hundred bucks a quart, give or take.   It’s called Milestone because spreading poison is a great, fun-filled activity for the whole family – like a tailgate party. You want to keep it up-beat, and you want your product to have a name which evokes a successful career foal. Usng THIS product is an ACCOMPLISHMENT! A final solution to the problem of invasive species.

This is an actual ad for the product:

Control weeds with Milestone® specialty herbicide.

Milestone ® specialty herbicide controls problem weeds and brush like a superhero vanquishing archenemies. It’s the proven partner for today’s vegetation …
It says right there on the factory page how great this stuff is.

It does kill common garden vegetables, but none of then are native species in your garden anyway.  So after it killed most of the tomatoes in England, they pulled off the market until it was ‘re-labeled’ and the name was changed.  Now it tells you not to spray it on or near or downwind or within a certain distance of anything you don’t want to kill.  In the US there should be a warning that the bottle could be a choking hazard for your pet elephant but I didn’t see it.

It’s unregulated. You can buy all you want.  Four liquid ounces in five gallons of water will turn any yard into a moonscape.

So I’m looking around in my shed, and it seems to me that if I mix these quarts of Milestone, Tango, Atroban 111, ExcitR, and some really good semi-permanet surfactant like WD-40, Spectricide two pounds of salt, and a pint of fly pheromones, I bet spraying it around would have quite an effect.

I’d pad this out a bit more, but my water system has been fritzing for a couple of weeks.  I rebuilt all of the plumbing subassemblies – about four times – but every time I do, ANOTHER component fails and I have to start again. Finally the new secondary pump burned up and pissed me off.  So today I tore out the whole system and rebuilt it from the ground.  I found a few problems…A one way valve wasn’t, a copper pipe had a pinhole air leak on the wall side, and the pressure gauge was an air pressure gauge reading very hot water under pressure..  It wasn’t leaking, but it was at the site of another problem, so it was guilty by association.

In order to make sure I had found ALL the problems, I plumbed the pump in but not the filters or UV, or outside faucets or the water heater.  Then I tested, and put them back one at at time and tested each one in turn, but I worked in the sun all day and got sunstroke like a goddamn dumbass.   Nothing I did after that was right.

I got the pump back in and found the first problem.  A one-way valve, upstream from all of this, and which was supposed to segregate the primary pump from the secondary pump had jumped the fence and was taking it in both ends. Hot water under high pressure squeezed back the wrong way and that defeated the fail-safe mechanism which it was there for in the first place.  That caused a non-obvious (initially) cascade of different failure vectors through most of the system.

Next time I’ll use a GOOD valve instead of the cheap plastic crap that all my other plumbing uses. If I can find one – and if I ever decide to build another double redundancy pumping system with multiple pressure tanks.

OK, pump first. It is plumbed directly in from the catchment and out to the house system, bypassing everything else. It tested fine.  Then I plumbed the UV back in – in from the pump output to the UV and this time I let let it flow down instead of forcing it to pump up the tube; then out to the small house and heater input.  That was wrong, but it tests the connected systems, the heater, and lines, and the house lines.  I am waiting to see if that configuration fails.

Monday, during prime time for all of this, the garbage disposal disintegrated.

I discovered that water has been dripping down the back of the sink for years.  So the sink floor hat rotted away as well as part of the back of the countertop..I replaced the disposal and ripped out and replaced the sink floor and backing with HDPE plastic.  The sink is ready so come off and I’ll take care of that tomorrow and finish the sink rebuild if I finish the plumbing.  Then I’ll see if I need a new countertop.  At least cabinets and countertops are easy to install.

People want to know why I don’t answer my phone.  Because I bought a new iphone6+ and dropped it in the ocean when I went fishing.  ‘m not buying another one. The phone I have may or may not work – I don’t know how to work it anyway- but it sits on my desk.  If I’m sitting here, sometimes I answer it.  Usually I don’t.  I have never missed anything important by not answering the phone or not getting married.


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