I think a race war started in America today.

I’ll deal with it only as a last resort. Until then, it’s physics.

“The reason that no Class 1 civilizations exist in our galaxy or, probably, the universe: by the time a life-form evolves to a point at which it can launch vehicles into space, it will have exhausted the resources of its planet and will have gone extinct. ”

I didn’t mention this in my previous correspondence, but it has a name. It’s “Burnett’s theorem of galactic class 1 civilizations.” Trust me that no one at SETI likes it at all, but it is named, so it exists.

I have several others. My theory of the Anthropogenic Extinct Event predicts specific dates: It will unambiguously begin in 2017 and peak during the solar maximum of 2034. It is not restricted to simply overpopulation and nuclear war. The clathrate gun will begin to fire, the global thermohaline will be affected, and will in turn slow, and eventually disrupt, the global conveyor.

These effects do not factor in polar shift; solar activity (such as another Carrington event), asteroid impacts, or potential supervolcano eruptions. I do not include nuclear, biological or chemical warfare, or the pandemics which will follow them.

Neither are interesting potential events commonly known as ‘starwater’ considered. In point of fact, the sun can – and has – fired CMEs at the earth which contain vast amounts of Hydrogen.

The Starwater theory (not mine) postulates that this Hydrogen, with some associated Oxygen, is ram-injected into our atmosphere, forms covalent bonds with Ozygen, and the overabundance of H2O floods the earth to the tops of mountains. Floods of Biblical proportions. It may have actually happened more than once, but not now. Our atmospheric chemistry has changed.

At this point in time, there is not enough free oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere to combine with hydrogen from any source to create sufficient water to qualify as a flood of Biblical proportions if we assume the standard Biblical flood – enough to cover the earth to the top of Mt. Ararat. If that much water were generated within living history, it would have to be here still. It couldn’t have drained off or evaporated. And the extra mass would have tossed earth out of the goldilocks zone and into the sun.

Starwater may well have been an early source for an important part of Earth’s water and the chemical precursors of life. So a Starwater event, or several of them, may have occurred several billion years ago. It’s a neat explanation of how a boiling mass of sterile lava could have suddenly cooled and immediately had the stuff of life available in water oceans.

But today a different chemistry exists. If Hydrogen is forced into our atmosphere via a CME, some will bond part (maybe a lot) of the available oxygen and make water. But the majority won’t because there isn’t that much oxygen. It would simply inflate the size of our atmosphere, change the ration of gases to exclude most of the available oxygen, and suffocate O2 breathers. Eventually the excess atmosphere must blow away into space because our gravity can’t hold it and equilibrium will be reached – but not before the gas ratio of the atmosphere changes enough to smother 99% of bi-lateral life. And toss the planet out of orbit.

The starwater theory, following the physical possibilities, can be logically considered to be at least a possible mechanism for many previous extinction events – and might also hint to a potential link in my postulated causality chain for the Anthropogenic Extinction Event which I suggest will reach maximum effect, not coincidentally, at the solar max of 2034.

No one has ever connected those dots because no one has thought of them – but someone will…eventually.

I have previously described a mechanism, not a ‘big bang’- more like a ‘big leak’ – by which almost every galaxy we see is moving away from almost every other galaxy at an increasing rate – except Andromeda, which is racing toward the Milky Way. When they collide, our sun will already have burned out and our solar system with it. In fact, if we heft now, at nearly the speed of light, there is no safe destination we could reach before the collision occurs. We cannot be saved to populate the stars with our current physical laws unless we devolve to the size of elementary particles, entangle with our Doppelgänger in a VERY distant galaxy, and transfer there – not through time-space – but around it by traveling outside of the boundaries of our universe. It’s not possible now. But it IS possible.

I have more. No one will ever read it because I say things people don’t want to hear – so they don’t hear it.

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