Running from ourselves.

Look on Amazon or e-bay for rat traps. Rats…the things which carry every disease and parasite known to man, bring them into your home, and pee on everything they get near. THOSE rats. You know what you read in rat trap ads?? “HUMANE, CATCH-AND-RELEASE RAT TRAPS”. GAGAGAGAGA!!!!

Do the people who catch and release 3 pound rats – and vote for Hillary – think their fifteen year-old daughter is a humane catch-and release trap for rapists? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU STUPID ASSHOLES THINKING? This is not a kinder, gentler world. It’s getting worse every day. You can’t visit Disney World without alligators eating your children. You can’t walk in the street.

But instead of arming your children and teaching them to defend the home and the homeland, you vote for repealing the Second Amendment and you humanely catch and release four-legged plague carriers. Then you dress up and go to a gay bar – and even that hasn’t been working out well lately.

Do you catch-and release the fleas and ticks on your pitbull? Are you a vegan because eating meat is cruel? Here’s news: YOU ARE MADE OF MEAT, NOT OATMEAL – AND YOU ARE RAPIDLY SLIDING BACK DOWN THE FOOD CHAIN. NOTHING IN NATURE WILL HUMANELY CATCH AND RELEASE YOU, BUTTERBALL! You are a victim-in-waiting at best, and a walking ATM/smorgasbord for the first predator you encounter.

Catching and humanely releasing carriers of Bubonic Plague, Rat-lung disease and a hundred more diseases deadly to your race is not humane. It’s not a kindness -either to the rats or to your fellow human beings.

I discovered yesterday that a pseudo friend of mine found an ex roomie of foreign extraction; brought her home from another island; fed, clothed, and supported her until he eventually married her – which SHOULD have disqualified her for welfare and food stamps but probably didn’t – and THEN he had the temerity to say that, having adopted her legally, he has no responsibility for her choices in life and that he has no responsibility for anything she does while performing the official functions and duties of a wife. So, in that circumstance, he married her to get a housekeeper – not a wife. And she owns nothing.

If you know him, you know who I mean. I don’t need to name names. he gets exactly what he pays for. There is no emotional attachment. It is an arrangement based on a cost-benefit analysis, from which she can never benefit – like the rest of us. We are friends as long as we give – but there can never be an expectation of any simple reciprocation of friendship – ANY reciprocation at all must, in every case, involve a profit which accrues to the benefit of this person. Not his new wife. Not anyone else. He has never returned a favor freely. He can’t. And now, he effectively has no one he can trust; or, rather no one who will trust him – or be his friend.

A life like that is no life at all. His wife? “His bread I eat – His song I sing”. But she has no future and will inherit nothing. After all, he states categorically that he has no responsibility for her – she must cook and clean for him because that’s what he paid for. Russian ex-pats are sometimes forced onto….things.

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