Missing the beat.

There is a difference between ‘starting small’ like the wonderful, crowdfunded flowhive idea for honey production without hurting the bees – and “wishful thinking” which takes an idea which has been and gone and waits with it for a train that left the station years ago.

I got this email a couple hours ago: What it says is that we can simply forget the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United which defined ‘corporation’ as ‘person’.  The problem is, we can’t – because every court and government agency in the entire country has to abide by that decision.  So do we little people.

“Hi Everyone,

I made a suggestion for this bill to Russell Ruderman, and look at it – it is a thing of beauty – but only if we can get it scheduled to a hearing!  Please feel free to copy and paste or use my letter for ideas for your own!  Time is of the essence!

Thanks for your help!

Begin forwarded message:
From: Sara Jackson Steiner <saralegal@live.com>
Subject: Support and schedule SB2261 to help define “person”
Date: February 3, 2016 2:15:31 PM HST

Dear Judiciary and Labor Committee Chair and members,

Please support and schedule SB2261 at your earliest opportunity!  This bill will go along way to correct inequalities in many of our laws today which are meant to support human beings, but somehow end up supporting all the other institutions who managed to get defined as people.

When the definition of a “person” has been corrupted to mean a hui or any other group of people, it suffocates the original intent of laws meant to protect human life, liberty, clean air and things like that, and changes the law to protect the “interests” of groups of people who always seem to benefit at the expense of the real person.

This is a great leap for mankind – please set a hearing date today!


Sara Steiner
13-430 Pohoiki Road
Pahoa, Hawaii 96778″

That’s just great, Sara. Or it WOULD be great if we still had any freedom. But that EXACT question was purchased and adjudicated in the highest court in the land and is now the law.  We as citizens can either get that decision overturned (not likely), or we can live with it- or we can have a color revolution. The thing we CANNOT do is to try to pass local laws and ordinances which contravene the law of the land.  Pretending that Supreme Court decisions do not apply to us, or that ‘Main Street’ can overrule laws that were passed by special interest groups who donated big money to the very council people who made the laws in the first place is an example of waiting at the station for the Peace Train.
Sara’s bill, just like Ed Gutteling’s a few years ago, is not going to be enacted. it is not going to see a ballot.  It is merely wishful thinking.  It is a cry for sanity in an insane world; a plea for justice even Sara’s family knows exactly how justice is meted out. It is a fight that was lost years ago.
Before Sara’s legislation “This will go along way”…(geeez, Sara…don’t write when you are tired. I do and screw up by the numbers… 🙂 … people were going to shut down geothermal.  Instead, it’s set to almost double in size.
And before that for ~15 years, there has been a march and sign-waving at the Federal building once a week…if they still bother. These people are so anti-violence, they won’t lift a hand to defend themselves –  or you, and they don’t want the government too, either. But they still want a say and they have a right to say what they want…. to a point – but no one listens.  When someone starts listening they will all be arrested or shot in the street.
War has increased by magnitudes during those years; the military isn’t going to leave, and Hawaii is not going to revert to being a kingdom.  Hawaii is a state and that’s not going to change unless China takes it by force for use a s deep-water military port.
With the advent of effective anti-ship missiles, Hawaii is merely a logistics stop for container ships and fat people who eat their way through Princess Cruises.
But all in all, I appreciate every one of these people; Sara Steiner and Ed Gutteling and Walter Moe and even that ugly guy Sara hangs around with, god knows why.  🙂


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