The hottest girls of the Rock ‘N Roll era. And the scum of the earth.

I don’t know why I’m putting this in, but here they are:



(1) Farrah Fawcett.

And Ann Margaret. She came to Viet-Nam with the Bob Hope tour right after TET in ’68.  Ichiban.  Thanks, Ann.  Thousands of us appreciated it.

(2) Michelle.  There is only one.  She stood in the open door of a Blue BMW with me.  She had a Browning Hi-Power and I had a .444 Marlin.  We were in the desert 20 miles east of Indio waiting for a biker gang to catch up after we made them look like assholes at the A&W in Indio.  We knew they were coming and we were going to take them on then and there.  Michelle was all of 18 – if she was scared, she didn’t show it.  Luckily the ‘Missing Links’ – thought better of it. They lived another day.

(3) Grace Slick. I went to ONE concert in my life.  Jefferson Airplane.  She was too drunk to perform.  No matter. That girl had a set of lungs.

(4) Juice Newton/Susan Saint-James/Lindsay Wagner/Susannah Hoffs.

Honorable mention: Candy Johnson for this:


(1) Scum of the earth:  JANE FONDA.  Fuck you, bitch.  Never walk through my assigned free-fire area.  You tie for first with Hitlery Klingon.

(2) Every First Lady from Jacqueline on and every girl who slept with Hugh Hefner.

(3) Stevie Nicks. She had it, but something was wrong.

Dishonorable mention: Christine Dominique Freeman Evans. Beautiful once; her eggs are scrambled.

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