Lou Pawlowich

Jan 3, 2016

Common Interest and Imbalance

Hegemony an oligarchy are examples of imbalance. There does not seem to be a clear definition throughout the world pertaining to the different types of governing. Socialism, Fascism, democratic system, capitalism and communism are some of the forms of government. Each of these types of government have good and bad points. Each of these governments appears to change over time. It is as though everything in this world appears to degrade with time. A tree produces an apple which starts out to be pure and fresh but eventually falls from the tree, decays, is drawn up through the roots of the tree to bloom once again. The countries that adopt the governing systems go through a process of decay similar to the Apple.

After a war which happens because of the imbalance within the country, the winning group attempts to restart the government and implement rules which they believe will ensure that their idealism’s are preserved and that the country will continue in the method that they see as the best one. The best one is the one that is decided by the people that won the war. This is the reward of winning and the answer to the chaos that caused the war in the first place.

The country will now continue as long as the balance is maintained. This can be seen in the Second Amendment where the gun laws were put in place so that there would be a balance of power throughout all of the states and that no government would have the upper hand and be able to take them away from the people.

The purest of intentions like the purity of the Apple, the greatest fruit to ever be created. The Apple does not need any additions to enhance its flavor nets it is palatable just the way it is. The democratic system is seen as the overall system where everyone gets a voice. The idea is that the consensus of the group is what is best for all.
Generally the group realizing that not everyone can sit and make the decisions every time puts in a structured organization of government designed to be the decision-maker and to protect the rights of the people that put the organization in place.

In time bits of DK start to appear. Originally the members of the group agreed to offer their service and to generally cover their expenses or to make a reasonable living doing it. The group realizes that everyone must live and that this service is worth something to the group and so rational thinking dictates that this is a good thing. And because the group represents the overall wishes of all the people, are there to balance the desires of the people a decision is made that they should determine this living wage.

There is something that happens with governing bodies and possibly it is because of a common trait of all people. Those in power do not want their responsibility to the altered or lessened and so make rules to protect this. A common thing is that less consideration is given to the fact that they will not sit in that seat or have that responsibility forever. The small amount of effort given to protecting a responsibility will grow to one-day collapse the very system that it was designed to protect.

As time goes by a difference in opinion and value begins to evolve where as those in power or in the elected position see their value to their country as worthy of a small increase in pay. It is easy to convince the group as they are all in the same position and that this benefit is common to all. Someone suggests that the governing members are not there for their entire lifetime and that they need to ensure an income after their elected term. A modest retirement income is proposed, is acceptable to the group and because of the power provided to them by the masses and the governing structure, allows them to collectively set a retirement package for the group.

The governing system continues to work and is seen as fair to all. The little clause that was added in to ensure and to protect this interest of the governing body provides the function it was intended for. An accepted idea is also promoted that in the event that there was a runaway of the governing body to promote their own interest and increase this salary and retirement package outside of the benefit of the entire group, the elected system was there to balance.

Other rules are put in place to ensure that the governing body does not have a runaway so to speak with their income. Rules are put in place with respect to accepting gifts or money in exchange for decisions made by the group. The idea is that the group remains balanced, is not affected or influenced by external sources or individuals and that decisions are made in the interests of the country and not the individual.

The balanced individual is a rare and precious beast. To find an individual that balances the overall interest of the country before their own interest is a very difficult process indeed. My father once said that the best man to run a country would be a poor man because he sees everything in front of him and understands the needs of the people from the top to his own level. The problem being that when he gets his pay for being the government, he is no longer poor and his view changes.

It is not as though a governing body was elected and this governing body decided to change the governing system from one to another. This process happens slowly and in many cases happens almost unnoticed. The people in power who have the ability to slowly change the rules sometimes do not have the group’s interest as their main driving force. Money, a necessary tool and the common denominator in balancing all sectors of society has many benefits and is used as a measurement of the quality in our attempt to balance our system.

With respect to the elected body, this group sees their importance and value changing with the amount of money that they are responsible for. A corresponding scale is used and examples of the income of corporate CEOs is used to justify another small increase in honorarium and the respective small increase in the retirement fund. This is not seen as unwarranted in any way, is equally applied across the board and is seen to be fair and just.

As each governing board is progressively elected, served their term and replaced, the system that has been put in place survives and is maintained by the following groups as it is in their interest collectively as well. This system would continue on its own if it were not for external influences.

In an attempt to balance the interests of the entire country, situations are presented to the governing body who is responsible for making decisions based on the balance of the country. In a perfect world the intention and interest to balance the country would remain the same. However, like the Apple the system starts to decay.
Individuals in the government start to make decisions which are not balanced decisions and are slanted towards a particular part of the entire country. Sometimes the decisions are influenced by hidden benefits which may be insignificant or unnoticed at first. With time these benefits also become larger as the importance of a decision made one way or other correspondence to the money itself. The governing body Limited, by the election system starts to see their importance and value increasing related to the amount of money they are making decisions on.

The next step of this governing system involves the governing system itself. In order to maintain the power, and again because the responsibility of maintaining the governing body has been put onto the governing group, small decisions are made to ensure the decision-makers stay where they are.

Again very little consideration is made for the fact that the governing group who made the decisions will not be in place forever. As each respective governing board rotates through the system, the power of the governing group does not diminish but slowly and perceptively increases. A system once put in place to protect the country and all of the people who live in it respectively begins to deteriorate at a constant and predictable rate.

The influence from the public reduces as the scale or balance of the country tips towards the people with the money. The incentive to have the decision-makers making decisions leaning towards the financial sector of society becomes greater and greater. The incentive to change the rules towards maintaining the status quo also becomes greater and greater. What one started out to be in the interest of the country has gradually become in the interest of the neocon.

This entire process was not intended and was not set out in the beginning to end up in the fashion that it does but if one stands back and views the governance from an outside source or unbiased view it is easy to see and to predict the final outcome. The country becomes unbalanced; Hegemony an oligarchy are examples of this imbalance.
The imbalance in today’s world is at an extreme. There is also an imbalance in the people’s ability to affect the decisions made by the governing body. The oligarchs and neocons have an extreme imbalance in the money as they own almost all of the wealth and property. The standard of living in the entire country corresponds to the money, where the majority of the people survive on the 1% while the minority survives on the 99% and growing.

It is not hard to predict the end result at this point. The next step is that the percentage owned by the money group becomes all or nothing. This concept has grown and
evolved into a worldwide imbalance and it does not appear that anyone knows how to stop it. This imbalance in the world can be seen in many places and situations around the globe.

What we are seeing in the world today is the effects of this imbalance and we have common interests to restore this balance. Some of the effects of this imbalance are:
“Terrorist attacks in France, Lebanon, Mali, and in the skies over Egypt, highlight a common interest among civilized nations to defeat the Islamic State (Daesh),”
Money imbalance as indicated from IMF and BIRICS
Power as indicated from Russia and US
Standard of living as seen in the poor countries and what is known as the West
The voice of all parts of the world are not being heard and voices are being forced on everyone by those with the most power.
Respect for each other is evident as with that comment “we will live as freemen or die as martyrs”
economies are being influenced by the neocons and not by the people of the world

The North America aboriginal culture uses a word that is not fully understood. There society evolved without money and the method of currency was respect. Respect was what kept the governing body in power. Warriors could not be bribed with money as there was none. The governing bodies had to make decisions based on the interests of the group. I had even heard that much of the Canadian legal system or governing system is based on the governing system of the Huron Indians of Eastern Canada. I don’t know how much of this is true but believe that there is a definite connection.

Somehow the world finds itself in a position where we must address our common interests. We must find a balance within the world as the final result of imbalance is forced balance or war. War may or may not be in the common interest of the planet. In one respect it will give us a starting point where we can start over with the system I previously described. The problem being that with today’s technology, we have the ability to totally destroy the playing field which is planet Earth. A war conducted where both parties destroying all of others gains is not a common interest.

My father told me that balance is something that is inevitable. Balance will be restored as it is a fundamental of nature. Human beings are not in charge of nature as nature will be here long after we are gone. We can however extend our stay by learning to balance our world, our money and our people. Father told me that money will balance itself because if the banks and the people don’t balance it, a total collapse or a depression such as the one that happened in the 30s will balance it for us. When money has no value, it does not matter how much you have. If you do not have enough to pay your taxes, all property returns to the people. In today’s economic world this balance can take place globally.

We are in a very dangerous time as a balance is about to be restored. Decisions must now be made as to whether we choose to extend our stay or let nature take its course.

Lou Pawlowich

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