One thought on “This is the bottom line. Believe it or nuts.

  1. Yep. This guy tells it pretty much like it is. I wish there were a few more of his kind in the media.

    This comment below, which appeardd at the Orlov blog made me think of your frequent admonitions, meaning that what is described here would be a lot more difficult to accomplish if at least some people were armed. Same with that Norwegian who killed about 80 youths also “leisurely changing magazines”.

    […] “Exactly! That’s all it takes to mount a false-flag. And into that mess it’s easy to inject one or two of your own serious pros just to make sure it’s as horrific as you need it to be – like the white guys in the black Merc who shot up the Parisians at La Belle Equipe most professionally, three taps apiece, for about five minutes; leisurely, changing magazines as they went, and then sped off, uncaught and unharmed, and now completely unmentioned in the official hysteria-fest.”