Saturday Morning update – Big Island – 05:00


A few rain squalls today and tomorrow. No more Ana updates after this one.


Stalled, not much going on. Updates as necessary, when and if.


Obama doesn’t want a travel ban, says “We can’t just cut ourselves off from West Africa”.  

I kinda know why YOU can’t, particularly after being honored by having a deadly plague named for you and leaving a legacy of incessant aggressive wars, adding a $Trillion$ dollars to the national debt every month, the destruction of the Constitution, and the ruination of the global economy. Why do anything sensible after all this time?

But most of us COULD cut ourselves off from the source of Obola until it’s over.

There seem to be no new cases reported in the US. Is that because there ARE no new cases, or because no new cases are being REPORTED?

It’s not good when you can’t trust your own government to tell the truth about anything – and I don’t anymore.

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