The Obola circus begins.


The news:

White House to send senior personnel to help Dallas in Ebola response, official says.

The truth:
White House to send senior personnel to keep the lid on Dallas Ebola outbreak.


A Carnival cruise ship was refused port in both Belize and Mexico because a health care worker who handled an ebola specimen in Dallas is on-board.  She was told that all she had to do was ‘self-monitor’.  But the protocol has changed.  Now people are supposed to be ‘actively monitored’. The ship is enroute back to Texas.

At exactly the same time that was happening, 21 active and retired Marines on board bus with woman who fell ill at the Pentagon were released and told to self-monitor for 21 days. This is the bus that was quarantined outside a DC Marine barracks after a woman who boarded at Pentagon fell ill, started throwing up, and told 1st responders she’d been to West Africa. Turns out she didn’t have ebola.

While that was going on White House press secretary Josh Earnest says a travel ban is ‘on the table’ but not being considered right now as part of US Ebola response.

While that was going on the US asked 3 drug labs to submit plans for producing Ebola drug Zmapp but the White house saus the ‘Ebola Czar’ is only expected to be in that job for 5-6 months. (That’s all it will take before it’s a world-wide pandemic.) 

An hour before that a patient at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas has screened – but not tested – positive for Ebola was transferred to Presbyterian Hospital.

And NOW the CDC has decided to issue more strict Ebola guidelines for medical workers.  


Thanks to Yohanan for the research!

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