Friday, 11:300 Ana – Lava – Ebola


Pushed past the magical number and is now a Cat1 hurricane!  But we don’t care – she can’t hit the Big Island.

Here is a current satellite photo:




Ana is becoming more disorganized. She will bring some rain, heavy at times, to Hawaii. There is no possibility of Hurricane or T/S conditions on the Big Island. The rain is here now and will continue as squall lines for several days.

TSAna satellite1017




The flow has apparently stopped for the time being.  Sufficient rain could slow it enough to kick the problem down the road long enough for residents to recognize that the problem is not going away.



The circus is starting. Obama has appointed a political flunky as ‘Ebola Czar’ to co-ordinate the government’s inability to respond to the problem.  Nina Pham’s condition, which was ‘Good’ yesterday, is ‘Fair’ today. She’s getting the best care we have, which is not enough. The WHO admitted it ‘botched’ the response in Africa.  No one there believed ebola was that contageous.  It is.

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