Lava: What if Kilauea actually erupted?

First, it’s a million to one… or a billion to one for it to feed lava on the CURRENT flow path in any great quantity.  It would run down the hill to Seaview and Kalapana. But let’s say it erupted enough to keep flowing for a couple of years but not enough to go over the side…say it DID continue as it is…

We have to make assumptions based on physical laws. Lava is sort of like water…it flows. And it flows downhill. But those are really the only rules it has to follow. So…click on the map below.  The first thing that pops out is that Beaches and Shores would lose the water company and their only access route and  electricity.  The entire subdivision might have to be abandoned. I didn’t fill in the color, but under certain circumstances, everything inside the purple outline would be affected.  If it REALLY erupts….well, it will be past my ‘use by’ date.


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