Lava update, Friday, 19:30

The current map is time-stamped 10:30. They say it’s still advancing…now at a rate of about 7 feet an hour but that’s hard to see from the map, which is here:

The last update from HVO was just before 18:00 this evening and they aren’t scheduled to make another overflight until Monday – so now they are skipping two days between flights instead of one – maybe because of the long weekend; maybe because nothing is happening with the lava.

There is fresh lava behind the flow, but it doesn’t have much energy. I’ll say that it’s going to stop again and if we get the heavy rain that is forecast for Sunday and Monday, it will be affected because it’s following a water runoff.

Have a great weekend and a nice Holiday Monday.

a hui hou.

Say….does anyone remember Candy Johnson? She passed away two years ago this month. Rock on, Candy!

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