Lava prediction, Wednesday, 19:37

Not surprisingly, the EXACT lava path prediction I posted a few days ago is now being used by HVO.  Feel free to look back and find it.  I deleted the picture – it was too big. Here is the link:


Kobani, Syria.

Kobani is a Syrian Kurdish city near the Turkish border. The ACTUAL population is ~400,000 but many have fled the ISIS onslaught.  I don’t know what US media says because I don’t follow it.  But I’ll tell you what is going to happen.  I don’t want to debate it.  This is simply what is going to happen.

ISIS is going to take the city and slaughter thousands or tens of thousands of Kurds.  The US flew 7 airstrikes today, generally making sure they hit empty trucks and buildings instead of the ISIS heavy armor, which is American, captured from Iraq.   Turkey has tanks and patriot missiles emplaced overlooking Kobani to make sure no Syrian aircraft can help the Syrian Kurds and no Kurdish reinforcements can get to Kobani from Syria.  ISIS is not important to the US except as an excuse to invade Syria. The US has already officially stated that saving Kobani and the lives of the the Kurds there is not a matter of importance.

Syria can’t attack the Turkish army – which is in Syria – because Turkey is a NATO menber and NATO (Read the US, UK, Canada and Turkey) are just waiting for a reason to attack Assad directly. An airstrike against a NATO member would provide the excuse. Iraq is not going to get involved at all for a completely different reason – but the bottom line is that the ‘coalition’ will let ISIS capture Kobani and kill a lot of Kurds. The US and Turkey will say ‘we’ need to get rid of all the ‘terrorists’ in Syria by invading and removing Assad.  We’ll put boots on the ground and go after Assad.  That action will trigger the mutual defense pact between Syria, Iran and Russia.

Both Iran and Russia want ISIS gone but also want to defend Syria against the US.  The US is certain it can attach the blame for whatever ISIS does to Syria, Iran and Russia while keeping Russia busy with phony sanctions and Ukraine, and China busy by creating another Tiananmen Square in Hong Kong.

But the US plan is too clever by half and it isn’t going to work – just like the US government’s assertion that ‘There is an extremely small chance that ebola could ever get to America and if it did, we are absolutly prepared”.  None of that was true.  Ebola is now loose in the wild in the US, it is airborne, it is mutating, and more than half of the people who are exposed to it will contract it and die.

Bad Tidings indeed.

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