The geothermal plants….yet more.

I didn't mention this before because I'd sound like an anarchist on top of everything else.  But the people who operate and maintain those geothermal plants – and ALL our power plants – LIVE HERE.  If the plants are being operated unsafely, or are inherently dangerous as built, it's not their choice.  It's the choice […]


Michael Krieger On The Rebirth Of Barter And the Big Island is the epicenter of barter according to antifaschistishe Sat, 04/28/2012 – 11:50 | 2382269 Antifaschistische What's in my wallet?  Cash.   It's not the time for those of us who know what's coming to start trading washing machines for gasoline.   It's time for us […]

County Council meeting redux.

I put up with all of that email from people saying I need to learn Hawaiian history…that I am condescending…that the people responding to my comments are smarter than I think they are.   No they aren't.   I going to tell you why, and you won't be able to argue with it.  What happened […]