Garages and sheds.

Aloha All,

It seems to me that the main concern in Hawaii for vehicles and even containers – if we disregard security – is avoidance of direct sunlight and direct rain. I have an old-as-the-hills pipe structure I park my truck under and it suffices – but I went out a few days ago and looked, and it's almost completely rusted through.  It will collapse bumbye.
Therefore I decided to rebuild it.  There are two types of angle fittings – the grey ones with curved angles Which is what my 'garage is made of), and the gold ones with sharp angles.  I found someone with a lot of them, many new, and I grabbed them – BOTH KINDS.  So now I have enough of them to build a bunch of 'standard' vehicle covers, sans the metal pipes.  I am going to use Schedule 40 PVC instead, and reinforce the stress points – or even use double components for strength because metal is simply too expensive.
The point is that I have a few too many for my own use.  These fittings go for $12-$15 each at HPM plus tax (Home Depot doesn't carry them) and it takes 12 of them for a structure ~30 feet long – but you can make double-wides or any length you want.  And, of course, you can make them large enough to cover two stacked containers.  I even have bolt-on pipe holders for catchment tanks so you can anchor your circus tent and use PVC instead of metal to keep your UV covers out of the water – which you want to do unless you like drinking bird poop. 🙂
Bottom line:  $65 for twelve, pick-of-the-litter, including screws.  That makes the same structure I have over my truck, but poles, cover and ball bungee cords are not included.  This is just the hardware.  I'm making about five bucks on the deal – not enough to discount them any more.
The offer is good 'till it ain't.

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