The President has become a King.

The President of the United States has now decided, and put into practice, the idea that he can order American citizens killed for no reason other than he wants them killed.  They don't have to be convicted of a crime or even charged with a crime.  If the President wants you killed, he'll just have you killed. So the lesson that is obvious here, is that laws don't matter.  If you want to kill someone, you just send the military, or a Seal team or a drone and kill them.  That's it.  No problem.So, if that's the way things are, then I suppose none of us are constrained in the least bit by the Bill of Rights or the Constitution or laws, or anything else. If the President of the United States is our role model, the laws mean nothing, so we are not obliged to respect them.  Unless we are not rich or powerful enough to ignore them with impunity, in which case we simply have to be careful not to be caught.

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