The Presidents

This is the simple version. Not everyone agrees with it, but I have never, since 1960, failed to correctly predict the results of a Presidential election and this is how I decided. I am going to skip right to Jimmy Carter, who is almost as stupid as Dubya (he pulled the rug out from under the Shah of Iran and thus enabled the Ayatollahs to take power and our embassy) and is now showing himself to be an anti-semitic idiot. I don’t care whether he is or not, I’m just saying. He lost a second term because he wouldn’t stand up to Iran while they held our hostages for 444 days and he gave the Panama canal away. To Manuel Noriega.

Bush 41 didn’t get reelected for the simple reason that he refused to get rid of his VP, fondly remembered as the Man Who Couldn’t Spell Potato.

Al Gore didn’t get elected behind Bill Clinton because the country was punishing the Democrats for lying about Monica. No one cares that she was sucking his John-Thomas. Everyone cared that he lied under oath about it. If it had not been for that, the idiot Bush 43 would not be president.

If it’s Hillary vs Obama, Obama will win. I’d vote for McCain, but he’s a Republican and Bush has ruined the Republican party for years. So if it’s Hillary vs McCain, Hillary.

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