Dear President Bush

You didn’t lose the House and Senate because there is not enough progress being made in Iraq. You lost because YOU lied to us about needing to invade Iraq. There were no WMDs and you knew it but you wanted to prove how much better a leader you are than your father. You aren’t. You are just a common liar.

You have lied to us, every day with everything you said and when we started to complain, you began revoking our freedoms under the Constitution which you swore, during your oath of office, to uphold. You lied during your VERY FIRST ACT AS PRESIDENT, by taking that oath.

Now we have given the Democrats a mandate to reverse your power grab and your attempt to revoke the Constitution and your eavesdropping on us all and your permission for Americans to torture prisoners and the disappearance of Habeas Corpus and those 800 little notes you appended to laws passed by Congress with which you give yourself permission to simply ignore the law if you don’t like it.

You are not our king, pal. You are our employee. It isn’t treason to disagree with you. Your war is wrong and illegal and has destabilized the entire middle east and America has no respect anymore from any country in the world because of you.

Who do you think you are to ruin our legacy, to ruin my chances of getting Social Security, to send our children to Iraq over and over again until they are killed to spend half a TRILLION dollars funding Halliburton when Americans have no medical insurance?

You ARE the emperor with no clothes. I love America and the Office of President but, as the vote proved, most of us hate YOU and your ignorant, muddled, slurred attempt to be relevant.

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