An Open Letter to the People of Britain, from Vasily Livanov MBE

An Open Letter to the People of Britain, from Vasily Livanov MBE As with many of my compatriots, there are many things about Britain and the British people that I admire. As someone whose whole life has been linked with literature, cinema and theatre, I have the greatest appreciation for English literature and the arts, […]

Israel-Gaza Strip: The real story

From Nightwatch, 17 May 2018  Copyright (C) 2018 NightWatch, LLC All rights reserved. Italics added  Israel-Gaza Strip The Jerusalem Post reported on 17 May that up to 8,700 Palestinians have been wounded and around 100 people killed in the rioting that Hamas started on 30 March. The Great March of Return that Hamas launched in […]

The swamp. H/T My cousin Larry. Long Beach PD (ret)

Subject: It’s A Small World Indeed To: tc The roots in the swamp appear to be deep.  This from a media friend.  Further, Theresa Heinz Kerry, John Kerry’s wife, funds many Soros enterprises. A MAJOR part of “THE SWAMP” Trump is trying to drain.  It may prove impossible. Elite: St Paul’s in New Hampshire is […]

FBI report concerning armed citizens.

From David Codrea via Oathkeepers   A recently released report by the Federal Bureau of Investigation credits armed citizens with saving lives. “Active Shooter Incidents in the United States in 2016 and 2017” was released  in April, and provides hard evidence that gun-grabbers who ridicule the efficacy of keeping and bearing arms are demonstrably agenda-driven […]

From the National Security Archives

The CIA Black Sites Program and the Gina Haspel Nomination Will the Hearings Fill in the Redacted Blanks in the Record? National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 626 View the posting Washington, D.C., May 9, 2018—Today’s nomination hearing for Gina Haspel to be CIA director provides an opportunity for the agency and Haspel to […]

Consequences of the US unilaterally pulling out of the Iranian nuclear deal.

We knew the US was going to pull out.  If there was any question, that ended after Israel bombed Iranian facilities in Syria and Iran threatened Israel with a missile attack if it happened again. If Trumps mind wasn’t made up before, that did it. Domestically, the JCPOA deal was Obama’s only foreign policy success […]

Kilauea volcano: Explosive ash eruption and rock ejecta possible within a limited area near the summit.

07:00 22 May:  The excitement is over.  The rest of this episode is just watching Kilauea do what Kilauea does. 04:37HST Thursday, 17 May: Update Kilauea erupted sending an ash cloud 30,000 into the air. 14:35HST, Wednesday, 16 May: UPDATE (Kilauea hasn’t gone off yet, but it’s close if it continues to deform.) HAWAIIAN VOLCANO […]

Battle capabilities: US-Russia-China

All military services have a tendency to fight the last war and be unable to understand the real challenges of the next one.  That is understandable because those challenges can’t be understood until it happens. The ones who adapt most quickly and adapt their tactics have the best chance.  For reference, various estimates suggest that […]