Kilauea volcano: Explosive ash eruption and rock ejecta possible within a limited area near the summit.

07:00 22 May:  The excitement is over.  The rest of this episode is just watching Kilauea do what Kilauea does. 04:37HST Thursday, 17 May: Update Kilauea erupted sending an ash cloud 30,000 into the air. 14:35HST, Wednesday, 16 May: UPDATE (Kilauea hasn’t gone off yet, but it’s close if it continues to deform.) HAWAIIAN VOLCANO […]

Battle capabilities: US-Russia-China

All military services have a tendency to fight the last war and be unable to understand the real challenges of the next one.  That is understandable because those challenges can’t be understood until it happens. The ones who adapt most quickly and adapt their tactics have the best chance.  For reference, various estimates suggest that […]

The Arabs and the Jews and Middle East…a continuing story.

Background: For thousands of years now, Arabs and Jews have been fighting over the same desert.  Since May 1948, part of it has been named Israel but it is historically called Palestine. The Jews claim ownership because God gave them the land…but He didn’t.  They have it because the British gave them a few miles […]

Front page news that isn’t news.

Mt. Mantap collapse: Not news. Structural integrity was lost and partial collapse occurred in the last test, 3 Sept 2017 and was widely reported. Everyone understands that the site is no longer usable. However, as of yesterday, 38 North and other news outlets were still saying the site was fully functional so Kim can argue […]

Israel has never had a domestically generated school shooting.

Google:  Israeli girls with guns See? In Israel, young men and women serve mandatory military terms.  When trained, they can carry 24/7. No one thinks anything about it.  Automatic weapons and handguns are not a problem.  People stop terrorism instantly. Of course, Israel is surrounded by enemies and can be at war in ten minutes.  […]

Donald Trump hired the wrong people. He should have called me.

From Consortium News: War Fever There is a fever that seizes this land from time to time and it is the fever of war, a condition that this time seems immune to all known cures, starting with reason, as Daniel Lazare explores.  By Daniel Lazare  Special to Consortium News What happens when an unthinkable […]