The Domesday Book, Chapter III

Carbon Dioxide storage is here. Compressing the gas into a supercritical fluid and pumping it underground is the way big oil is working to keep the greenhouse gases at a manageable level. They say there is enough room underground to store decades worth of CO2. Billions of tons. Maybe, if the plan goes big-time, trillions of tons.

But ‘underground’ doesn’t mean the same thing as burying Aunt Mildred. She probably won’t come back to haunt us during an earthquake. The first time we have even a small earth impactor, or a serious enough earthquake all of the undissolved gas is going to be ejected to the surface. Here’s the problem. We can’t breathe it. So when it DOES come out, it will overwhelm (1) every oxygen breathing organism it covers; (2) industry’s ability to hide it again, and (3) will cause a sudden and immediate spike in the atmospheric temperature.

Some of it is going to leech in to the water table and turn the water acidic and some is going to push things like uranium and arsenic to the surface, but that’s a whole other story.

Burying all that CO2 is like planting a huge asphyxiation bomb and hoping it doesn’t go off.

The Domesday Book, Chapter II

The global population hit one billion about 1800. Two hundred years later there are 6 billion people on earth click on this and scroll down.

I wish they had a tabulation about how fast the ice is melting, but I don’t see it. I don’t think there is good quantification yet.

The earth can support about 3.5 billion people. We can’t kill off all the animals or eat all the food or deplete all the oceans at that number, but we have already burned most of the oil. More people than that deplete the natural resources beyond their ability to replenish. We have already tipped the ecosystem past the point of no return, so there is going to be an extinction event pretty soon. I am talking mass die-off here, not merely a pandemic or a nuclear war, although those are probably in the cards too.

The food is almost gone and the oil is almost gone. The DAY Iran gets a serious nuclear capability they are going to nuke Israel and Israel is going to nuke all of the oil regions in the middle east. Everyone knows it. And they can’t help it. They have been fighting each other since the dawn of civilization and they will never stop.

The Muslims are willing to live in the 7th century again, without cars, without oil, without electricity, without medical care, because many of them do anyway, and they will take the loss to get rid of the Great Satan. But because they are such ignorant assholes they don’t realize that when the earth goes they will go with it.

The Great Satan, in the meantime, is going to run out of food and oil at the same time. EXACTLY the same time. And so will everyone else. The economy of the entire world will crash on that day. And it won’t be 2040 when there are 9 BILLION people, it will be between 2010 and 2020.

Will the human race survive? I used to think “Sure. Life is very difficult to extinguish. But there won’t be many and they won’t have a very good chance of starting over”. Now I am reconsidering. A disaster involving 6+ billion people will overwhelm every government on the first day. The second day there will be no more government or armies because everyone will be trying to get to their families. They won’t make it. That same day people will start killing each other for food or revenge or for medicine or just because that’s what people do when they don’t know what else to do.

By the end of that week if you are anywhere NEAR a population center you will be dead or starving. Stephen King described the landscape in The Stand, which was the only King book I could ever read. It rang optimistically true except he allowed a few people to live. He didn’t know about global warming back then.

I can hear you saying “Wait a minute, Pal! A global warming die-off can’t just happen is a week or a month. We would notice and stop it.” I beg to differ. There are BILLIONS of tons of CO2 ice just sitting in the oceans like huge rocks. The oceans have been absorbing it for thousands of years. As a result, we still have enough O2 to breathe and the earth hasn’t overheated. But if the oceans warm up just a bit and that stuff bubbles back into the atmosphere….or if the Atlantic conveyor stops and the sulphur-loving organisms near the bottom move toward the surface, we are ****ed, right then. Not in 20 years, I mean within weeks.

Plants are going to help kill us too. Everyone knows that plants convert CO2 to O2 through photosynthesis, but we have just discovered that when plants are stressed they can produce methane as well. Like cows. Methane is a good, clean fuel but it is also a greenhouse gas which lingers in the atmosphere for about 100 years and warms the earth 23 times as much as CO2. Burning 20 gallons of gas equals a good cow fart.

We are past the tipping point before which we could prevent this. We are very near the critical point at which this situation will begin to feed on itself. We don’t notice it because our top is spinning just like it always has so we feel no sense of impending danger. When it stops, and I use a metaphor, it will wobble once or twice like a kid’s top and almost instantly crash, just as tops do. When it does, humans, which are not able to control the weather, or each other, or do anything but kill off every other life-form that gets in the way of a parking lot, are not going to know what hit them. Do you know that 99% of every species and plant which has ever existed on earth is extinct? That’s just natural. It has happened because we have had 5 MAJOR and several other less major extinction events we can document. Here is the Wiki.

So science tells us that even without an earth impactor, another major extinction event will happen within 10 million years regardless, but that the activities of humans, a previously non-existent factor, may move the event up to ……..oh, maybe….tomorrow.

But every cloud has a silver lining. No scientist has ever witnessed the world dying off before, so there is a lot we can learn! As long as we can write pretty fast. Sadly, no one will ever read it.

And there is religion. If everyone is dead, we will have succeeded in our goal of wiping out organized religion. If I am one of the temporary survivors though, you can be damn sure I am going to try to control anyone I meet by invoking religion. If that doesn’t work and they won’t accept me as King, I’ll just kill them.

The Domesday Book, Chapter I

I have had this nagging idea for some time now and I just realized what it is. I have never been one of those nutty vegetarians (no pun in ten did), but for the past few years the meat in the stores hasn’t looked quite right to me and I haven’t been able to figure out why.

I used to go into the meat section and the steaks looked appetizing. I mean, really GOOD! Now they are all exactly the same color and it isn’t the color beef used to be. Not only that but in the past you could find the same cuts of beef in various sizes. Now they are all almost exactly the same size. That isn’t right. No one can EVER convince me it is. You used to be able to toss a thick steak on a barbecue with nothing more than salt and pepper and have a fine dining experience. These things are like tossing cardboard cut-outs on the grill.

Now then….I go over to the seafood section because I want a chunk of fresh Atlantic salmon for sashimi. The salmon is all raised in Canada and it is a sickly brown. And that is AFTER they have added color to it. I look around and notice that EVERYTHING THERE is farm raised. Hey, I want fish fresh out of the ocean, not something that has been raised in a grey-water recycling pond so they don’t have to pay for fish food. And little signs are appearing on fish products behind the counter: “This product treated with carbon monoxide”. Why would anyone need to treat food with carbon monoxide? You will have to look it up.

Chocolate bars are now colored wax. In particular, anything made in the USA or Japan. When I was a kid, chocolate melted in the sun. That Hershey bar you just paid $3 an ounce for won’t even melt in a microwave oven. You could pave streets with them. If I want to eat wax, I’ll buy a scented candle.

Chicken. Healthy, right? I reckon not. The chicken butchers sell the leftovers to the cattle ranchers for feed and the cattle butchers sell the leftovers to the chicken farmers for feed. Pig farmers throw fast-food slop to the pigs and the pig butchers sell the useless parts to the fish farmers or, as I said, the fish farmers grow their catfish in waste recycling tanks. If I throw chicken on the BBQ a nasty green flame comes off of it for a second or two. Hey, what burns with a green color?!?!? NOTHING IN A CHICKEN!

In the mean time the pigs shit E-coli all over spinach and everything else so your veggies are all contaminated.

But hold the phone. Is any of that illegal…..or even regulated? Not at all. Everyone is on the honor system.

Oh, wait! CHEESE! Do you people know how cheese is made? If I told you it might make you hurl, so I won’t. You can look it up right after CO (Carbon Monoxide).

So I go to one of the local farmers and buy sweet corn but I won’t take just anything fresh-picked. I shuck it on the spot and take only the ones with caterpillars in them. If a caterpillar is eating it and is still alive, it must not be poison.

I get the tomatoes and lettuce out of my backyard so they are organic. I let the bugs eat enough to keep them happy, but I chase off the slugs.

I am on a water catchment system. There is no county water out here and that’s fine with me. We get a lot of rain and I developed a little water filtration/decontamination/sterilization system that I pump the water through before it gets to the real filters. It was pretty easy to make, too! I just scraped the radium off about a hundred old alarm clocks and put it in a filter. As long as it is glowing I know it’s working. The only problem with the water is that this pink stuff is all over the inside of the shower and I can’t kill it, even with Lysol and Clorox. But whatever it is, pink stuff can’t be bad for you, right? Anyway, my catchment water is like a crystal clear mountain stream compared to most of them which have drowned rats and what-not floating in the tank.

OK, I’m kidding about the radium.

Are you a sucker?

Are you a sucker? Can you tell an Internet scam?

It is usually unnecessary to investigate these suckertunities in more than a very cursory manner because the warning signs are loud and clear. If something is logically muddy, it is either a scam or an incredibly stupid business plan. Either of those possibilities bode badly for investment.

*The mantra of dumbasses is: “You don’t UNDERSTAND”. If I don’t understand and no one else does either because the suckertunity cannot be understood by anyone except the marketing or financial genius who made it up, it’s a scam.

* ~AGAIN!~ If no one (especially YOU) understands how it works, it’s a scam.

* If it smells of fish either cook it or date it but don’t buy into it. It’s either a scam or a slot machine with an empty ring finger.

*The more hype attached to it the more likely it is a scam.

* If there are ‘sizzle’ calls it’s a scam.

* If it has a ‘product’ but the product is not the main focus of the business, as with Custom Sucker Homes, it is definitely a scam.

* If the ‘product’ is based on scientific theories or physical laws which do not apply in our universe it is a scam.

*Anything which guarantees a return over ten percent a YEAR or uses the term ‘ROI’ is a scam.

* If it is ‘offered’ to a list of proven suckers, like P$, it is a scam.

* If it has a ‘prelaunch’ which purpose is to collect money it is a scam.

* If the advertised launch date comes and goes with no launch it is a scam.

* If the preferred payment processor is cash in a manila envelope it’s a scam.

* If it doesn’t have the legal status it requires to do what it says it is going to do where is says it is going to do it, it’s a scam.

* If the owner is caught in a lie or a string of them or has been involved in other shady deals it is a scam.

* If someone sells you a $255 ounce of silver because there has to be a token product but in reality you are paying for something else, it’s a scam.

* If someone says they have a Ponzi which is ‘legal’ because of a bunch of incomprehensible babbling bullshit, it is a scam.

* If someone says they have “the next big one”, it is a scam.

* ANYTHING registered ‘offshore’ is a scam. Anything referring to money in it’s name is a scam.

* Anything based on faith, trust, divine intervention or belief in the owner or a television evangelist instead of common sense is a scam.

For instance, you CANNOT buy a ‘right to receive’ money for pennies on the dollar. Only a complete fool would fall for something as stupid as that.


Some people, maybe most of them KNOW it is a scam and join for the excitement, like being addicted to gambling. They KNOW it is a Ponzi and they KNOW it will fail eventually. That it cannot be even remotely legal does not play into their reason for joining. They merely want to get in early enough to make some fast money and bail out leaving the rest of the dumbasses to foot the bill. But that same propensity for dishonesty hallmarks another character flaw. Greed. You gotta know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em. Even people who are initially in only for some fast cash can’t stop if they happen to get lucky. Like Dan Vail and fffloyd.

Q & A

Q: Can I earn millions of dollars on the Internet by sending money to someone I never heard of who has a secret way of making money?

A: No. The ‘secret’ way of making money is to get suckers to send it to him. That’s why it’s a secret.

Q: I’m at the top of a new matrix program. I got in early as soon as I heard about it! Why don’t you think I will get rich?

A: You aren’t at the top. By the time someone says ‘get in early’ the top is full and they are fishing for suckers. In addition it is illegal and when it folds everyone YOU talked into joining will be able to sue your dumb ass off. That moron who posted all the pictures of himself at PIPS Hawaii is liable to be in deep kim-chee about now.

Q: I have a friend who….

A: No you don’t. The ‘friend’ is either getting a fee for sucking you into the scam or is trying to get out of it himself without losing money, or both. Either way you are being knifed in the back.

Q: I just paid $255 for an ounce of silver and something else. Do you know what I bought?

A: Yep. Here’s your sign.

Q: I sent my family’s life savings to Bryan Marsden and am praying for GOD to change the physicals laws of the universe for me so this will all be a bad dream and I can get rich after all. Will GOD answer?

A: He already has. if GOD loved you, he would have given you a brain. Even the scarecrow got a diploma from the Wizard of Oz. Enjoy a life of poverty, dumbass. Suicide is your only way out.

Q: Why should I believe you instead of someone who is promising to make me rich?

A: Because I am not asking you for money. I have no vested interest in what you do but I have an interest in moral and ethical conduct. I won’t promise to make you rich but I WILL promise that a scammer won’t make you rich either.

Q: I have been ‘taken’ before but isn’t success just a matter of finding the right opp and maintaining a positive attitude?

A: No. It’s a matter of becoming functionally literate, finishing college and getting a good job that you like with health and retirement benefits. Then you can think about exploring other possibilities. Do you ever read Dilbert? Scott Adams did exactly that.

Q: I like dreaming about being rich so I keep joining opps. Is that really so wrong?

A: No. Don’t stop smoking either and don’t look both ways before crossing the street. Eat three meals a day at McDonalds and never exercise. When your cell phone gets so hot it burns your ear, switch to the other ear. You can’t trust bottled water so drink a lot of sugary, carbonated drinks and several vente white chocolate mochas from Starbucks every day. Fruits and vegetables are for sissies. You can get all of the vitamins and minerals you need from chocolate, beer and aerosol cheeze spread.

Q: Isn’t Social Security a pyramid scheme?

A: Yes, but with three important differences from a Ponzi. (1) No recruiting is involved. Everyone is ‘in’ by law. (2) You are allowed only a certain amount of money each month, barely enough for food. (3) You are only allowed to collect it after you are already legally dead according to the actuarial tables. (4) I don’t care because it won’t go belly up before I get mine. 🙂

Q: Why are you so negative?

A: Shut up, bitch.

Q: Why can’t the government protect me from scams?

A: The government is busy protecting ungrateful bastards like you from Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction by invading Iraq. And now that we are firmly in control of the largest producer of oil in the region, we are reaping the benefits by being able to pay $4 for a gallon of gas instead of the $1 it used to cost.

And there is the Louisiana experiment which cost the President two days of his valuable vacation time. HOW DARE a city full of poor black people drown with so little thought to the President’s vacation! :-O

You are free to spend your money any way you want…..except to purchase things the government says you can’t have….and if you lose it, it’s your problem. But don’t YOU EVEN THINK about going 7 miles over the speed limit!!!!!

Non-Reciprocal Laws of Expectations: Negative expectations yield
negative results. Positive expectations yield negative results.

If I were in charge, part deux.

Prisons would be something you wouldn’t want to be in. They would be cruel and unusual punishment because, when you are convicted of a felony, you lose your constitutional rights permanently and don’t deserve good treatment. For instance, if you went to prison your family would have to pay your way. They don’t pay, you don’t eat or sleep inside. And it wouldn’t be a choice thing. Everything your family owned would be sold and all of their income would be garnisheed until you got out AND total restitution was paid to the victim(s) so tax dollars don’t have to be wasted on scumballs. But, to be fair, your family could always get out of it by volunteering you for medical experiments.

No TV, mail, or medical care…..unless the medical students from the nearby veterinary college are willing to practice on you for extra credit. No dental care. No free surgery. 16 hours a day on a chain gang until you die. I predict a zero recidivism rate because on the second conviction criminals would be sent to prison in Turkey or Pakistan or Lebanon.

For the non-incarcerated idiots who smoke cigarettes, you should not be entitled to ANY medical or life insurance. Intentionally inhaling the products of combustion is as stupid as it gets right after blowing yourself up for God.

Here is an interesting site

They suggest that the billions of tons of CO2 we (the humans) pump into the atmosphere is really beneficial because it gives plants more CO2 to convert to oxygen and everything is getting better all the time. Global warming is just a natural cycle which happens periodically, nothing to worry about. After all, there have been natural periods of global warming in the past, it’s just business as usual.

Well, yes that is so and there have been ice ages as well. But prior to about 10,000 years ago, they were the result of the various earth orbital vagaries and rotation patterns and the warm and cool periods were simply the earth accommodating itself to those changes. The forests had not been cut down for timber and agriculture, the oceans were full of healthy fish the rain was clean and fresh, and the few million people who were hunting and gathering in small tribal groups generally died before they managed to cause too much damage.

Let’s fast-forward to today. Depending upon where you live, your drinking water is either polluted or, if you are lucky, recycled sewage. The plant biomass which loves to produce oxygen from CO2 has been reduced by about 60%. The natural generation of CO2 has been supplemented by BILLIONS of tons a year that industrialization is spewing into the atmosphere. The fish are getting scarce, and the ones we CAN find are too toxic to eat safely. Wait….did I mention that the human population has increased from several million to over 6 BILLION and is growing daily despite the thousands of people who starve to death every week? You can look it up.

Great….what are you doing about it? Did you join the Sierra Club to unload some guilt? Did you trade in that Suburban for a hybrid? Are you recycling your plastic and aluminum cans? Guess what? You aren’t making a dent. You are doing NOTHING to help. You think you are, but what you are really doing is giving big corporations access to cheap, already refined materials so they can make more cheap cans and make more profit and providing your state a way to keep trash dumps empty longer while collecting a 5 or ten cent bounty on each container. Let me tell you why you are not helping. The mining company is in business to get as much ore out of the ground and processed in as short a time as possible. Quantity is how they stay competetive. The refinery is in the business of refining as much metal as they possibly can no matter who they buy it from. They need to sell more all the time to keep up with rising costs. It’s that way all the way up and down the line. That’s what free enterprise does. EVERY treatise you read on saving the environment says (and I paraphrase) “Everything, every choice, every move, every law, depends on the economy”. And every one of them is wrong. The REAL problem is overpopulation, and it is not going to get better until about half the global population drops dead in one mass-extinction event. It will happen eventually. It has happened before. It could be H5N1 or it could be something much simpler.

As for your Prius hybrid, the trucks which get the cans to your local Wal-Mart are still using most of the fuel, along with jet aircraft. And chemical plants. And refineries. And power plants. God forbid you should miss American Idol in one room while three different shows are on in the rest of the house. And the sad part is that there is nothing you can do. The roller coaster is moving and you are merely along for the ride.

Now at first it seems as though these problems are simple, and a concerted effort could get us off the tracks before the train arrives. But nothing is simple. Try getting a concensus of where to go for dinner. And the problem is that almost no one understands the problems involved, certainly not lawmakers and world leaders. There is a lot to know about everything and it is all interrelated at some level. If you want to see how much YOU don’t know, go read an article called ‘The alternative genome’ in the April 2005 Scientific American. Most people just automatically assume that someone (God or the leaders of the first-world countries) have everything under control. Nothing is further from the truth. The sky is not falling yet, but one can certainly see the foundation crumbling.

Today’s book recommendations:

The Ancestor’s Tale: A pilgrimage to the dawn of evolution, Richard Dawkins.

Guns, Germs and steel, the fates of Human Societies, Jared Diamond.
Collapse, Jared Diamond.

The question of Carbon Dioxide

Although Martin Rees beat me to the comment by hours, I agree with him to a point. He believes there is no better than a 50% probability that homo sapiens will survive the 21st century. Since he is one of the premier scientists in the world, his opinion, unlike mine, cannot simply be laughed off.

It is my belief that we as a race do not care to believe that a warming trend exacerbated by the human race; religious wars; emerging biohazards; the end of cheap energy, a dwindling food supply and many people’s irrational belief that some invisible God will protect them (although that idea is contrary to Scripture if one believes Scripture), have brought the planet to a condition of overpopulation which no one is willing to control sufficiently to stop the population explosion, the proximate cause of EVERY problem the world now faces. The point is, the trend is not reversible.

Since it is not politically correct to suggest that everyone does not have the absolute right to pump babies out at a rate which will destroy the earth within the next two hundred years, or at least exterminate 90% of the indigenous life on land and in the seas thus generating an immense die-off, I feel absolutely safe in predicting a mass extinction event before the end of the 22nd. century, WITHOUT the need to resort to nuclear exchanges.

While this is not a doomsday scenario, it could become one in an instant with the collision of an earth-crossing body (one much smaller than the K/T impactor would do); the eruption of a supervolcano; a surprise release of a few trillion tons of Carbon Dioxide marginally bound in ice on the ocean floors; or the main short-term problem: The actions of humans, evolved to live as hunter-gatherers, trapped in huge societal groups. An anger is building. People want to separate, but they cannot in many cases. This will not work itself out in behavioral modification patterns. People will start killing each other. As has been said by one smarter than I, no country is more than three meals from a revolution.

For years I have been considering the man-machine interface because I understand that we have to escape this physical form and get out into the galaxy in order to survive as an intelligence. I had always contented myself with the thought that science could overcome these problems, likely within the next few hundred to a thousand years, well before our sun cooked us. But now I realize that there have been several mass-extinction events in our geologic history and we are overdue. The question is, will enough people remain to pick up the pieces, re-learn the current knowledge and advance it fast enough to meet the new deadline of one billion years. It is actually closer (we guess) to 1,100 million years, but there are going to be at least three more mass extinctions during that period, assuming the earth is inhabited at all.

Let me give you some news. The world was not created by God less than 6,000 years ago. There are several reasons for this, but the most compelling is that God simply doesn’t exist. Jesus probably did exist, but he was as looney as David Koresh and when he died, that was it. He is dead and is NOT coming back. I won’t even argue it. If you don’t believe me, learn Greek and study Flavius Josephus. But it is highly improbable that we will finish the 22nd. century without a mass extinction event or a nuclear holocaust between zealots who want to kill each other over who has the best invisible pal in the sky.