March 1, 2018: The US jumped the shark.

President Trump’s really bad idea of increasing import tariffs in a bid to limit China’s exports here is not a solution to China Rising.  The solution would have been to stop greedy US corporations from offshoring everything to China, Vietnam, Korea, Bangladesh, etc., and even Canada and Brazil beginning in the 90s.

Now we have a crumbling infrastructure, no core manufacturing industries, and no way to get it back.

Increased tariffs won’t slow China down one bit.  All they will do is increase our costs of everything containing steel and aluminum.  The price of aluminum foil, for instance,  will skyrocket, along with the price of cars.  But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  All of the cheap junk you buy at Wal-Mart, Target, Ross, Sears and similar stores will be more expensive next month, and the quality will tank at the same time.

Protecting labor-intensive low-tech jobs, which are all that’s left to protect after losing our tech sector,  and trying to rebuild a manufacturing base which can’t compete anywhere, merely tosses the ball to China and makes the US a second world country which we will not accept gracefully, but neither will we be capable of enforcing our will on the rest of the world anymore.  In fact, comparisons have been made to the economy of Brazil.

Pax Americana, just like the British Empire before it, and all of the previous major empires before that*,  will now be remembered for its faded glory and we can finally turn our attention away from idiot retarded school shooters and concentrate on finding enough food.  Our tactic of ”soft’ power, in the form of sanctions to wage war on the cheap, is coming back to bite us.

As an aside, despite all of the nuclear posturing going on in the world, nuclear war is so problematic that is unlikely for maybe ten more years.  Every major potential enemy and most of our ‘friends’ are planning for the demise of the US as a global power before 2050 (and probably by 2034 by my reckoning).  There will be more and more conventional clashes, but if we ever initiate a nuclear holocaust, just ONE 2 Megaton blast 400 km over Kansas will take out the US power grid as well as EVERY mechanical conveyance in the country and it can never be rebuilt**.  In one second, there will be no more electricity, Internet, money, cars, trains, transportation, gasoline, food water, sewers, hospitals or anything else and there is nothing we can do to prevent it.  While the threat of  intentional or natural EMP events is heavily downplayed because they can’t be prevented and no one wants to panic the sheep, the threat is very, very real.  Current estimates suggest that at least 9 out of every 10 Americans (and Canadians and people in northern Mexico would die from such an event – not from radiation, but from disease and starvation.

Basically all of our money is going for war preparations because of some irrational idea that we must control all of the remaining non-renewable resources in the world and can win a nuclear*** with a massive first strike WHEN (not IF) it becomes necessary to reduce the global population by 6 or 7 billion extra mouths.  Shit-for-brains Dubya Bush dropped the US policy of no first strike and mutually assured destruction in favor of the current US policy of launching a massive nuclear first strike without warning at whoever the government perceives to be a threat. The possibility that it might happen is only increased by threatening US behavior which demonstrates that we are a panicked nation which will shoot first.

  • The largest global empires in history:

** EMP:

*** Look at the word ‘NUCLEAR’.  It is pronounced NEW-CLEAR [ˈnü-klē-ər].          ~NOT~ ‘ NU-QUE-LER’



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Idiots rule the world.

Who owns the lands and seas?

It’s not who you think.  Ownership of anything goes to whoever can take it and hold it.  It’s been that way since day one. International borders don’t mean anything at all if they can’t be successfully defended, and governments and rulers – even elected ones – can be and ARE regularly replaced by more powerful nations, typically the US.

Guns in America.

Idiot liberal women and their pussywhipped gay husbands have turned this country into a clown carnival.  Boys who self-identify as girls are allowed to compete on girls’ teams and, not surprisingly, they win.  In fact, genders are encouraged to experiment with being the other one…or the third one, whatever that is.  Supposedly that creates equality.. What it really does is confuse people.  Homosexuality is a genetic transcription error.  To be blunt, it’s a birth defect.  Tolerating it is fine, but celebrating it is nonsense.

Let me tell you about gun violence. If you load a firearm and put it on the table, it will sit there without killing anyone for the next 2000 years.  If your retarded son, who has been living in a computer-generated fantasy world all his life instead of being taught right from wrong and getting his ass beat when he acts out, decides that he will take the gun to school and shoot all the students who don’t like him because he is a spoiled dipshit BECAUSE OF THE WAY YOU RAISED HIM, it’s not the gun’s fault, IT IS YOURS and you ought to spend the rest of YOUR life in prison with him.  You should have drowned the little bastard when he set fire to your cat.  But you can’t blister his ass anymore because that’s cruel.  Live and don’t learn:  America’s motto.

Sissifying the country by outlawing firearms makes no sense because THE ONLY WAY TO STOP A KILLER WITH A FIREARM IS FOR SOMEONE ELSE WITH A GUN TO ELIMINATE THE THREAT!  When people start shooting, everyone is supposed to ‘shelter in place’ and call a SWAT team who will come out and set up a perimeter until whoever is shooting runs out of ammunition.  What total bullshit.  People are taught to run and hide and the p0lice are trained not to get involved because they might get hurt, and let SWAT handle it when they eventually arrive.  So civilians aren’t supposed to be responsible enough to own firearms and the police aren’t supposed to do anything, and so dipshits with guns (or bottles of acid or bombs made from gasoline, or even driving cars through crowds) can run amok.

Thought processes like that don’t create heroes.  They create victims and paralyze the people who would, 50 years ago, have been the heroes who saved the day because they were there and weren’t afraid to act. No no one can do anything anymore.  No one can do their job or be a responsible parent.  And when their failure manifests, it’s not their fault. It’s the fault of guns, or it’s because little Herbert can’t wear a dress to school.

We want heroes.  We want brave men.  We want knights in shining armor and cowboys in white hats.  And then we set up all the conditions so they can’t exist. Brilliant.


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Quantum Enigma.

Subatomic particles probably aren’t particles at all.  They are more likely energy fields which don’t coalesce into discrete particles until they are disturbed.   And so, electron clouds are actually variable energy fields,  not actual particles orbiting a nucleus: that is merely our perception.  Observation itself alters the energy fields into particles, which is what we see.  It is quite likely that this energy potential creates entangled particles upon disturbance.  The  twinned particles could, in theory, form and exist at any distance within the universe, but not outside of it.  Black holes, for instance, ‘probably’ break entanglement.

This might explain the quantum enigma as well as quantum tunneling and does not require a reversal in spacetime as postulated by physicists in describing ‘delayed viewing in the slit experiment’.  Quantum uncertainty is only uncertain to us because we haven’t discovered the physical laws involved.  In point of fact, the search for smaller and smaller particles cannot distinguish between ‘discovering’ and ‘creating’.  They look exactly the same. And while we have had enormous success in manipulating particles through the application of the theory of special relativity, manipulating particles has not and probably cannot lead us to a grand unified theory.  But the clue is there: energy and matter are convertible.  We study particles because we can either see them or infer them, and manipulate them, thus all of our technology involves manipulating particles and using immense amounts of energy to convert particles into energy. But if energy converts to mass merely through disturbance (such as observation), E=MC2 does not explain how.

Instead of thinking of particles as the basic building blocks of matter, we might be better placed if we thought of particles as a by-product of energy – thus explaining why there isn’t enough matter in the universe to explain gravity without resorting to ‘dark matter’  as unknown particles and ‘dark energy’ as a theoretical construct which allows us to persist with the concept that since we can see and feel matter, it must be the basis for everything.

By the way, the universe MIGHT be expanding because the billions of black holes are venting everything out into another universe.  Gravity sucks, ya know.

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For some reason all groups which form for almost any reason are considered to be hate groups or terrorists.

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On the Turkish incursion into Syria

Erdogan’s push into Syria has Ottoman empire coloration, but it is probably just as much an effort to develop a patriotic following for his personal brand rather than for the protection of the state of Turkey after the Stalinist-type purge which lopped the head off of the military. Unfortunately, it isn’t proving to be an effective tactic. The Turkish population doesn’t seem to consider the Kurds to be the potential invaders Erdogan says they are, so the Turkish forces are performing half-heartedly. Erdogan’s military adventure and threats of general war look hollow to all concerned, including the Syrian, Iranian and Greek governments and will generate more and more push-back.

As always, the US will try to milk any conflict to its own end of maintaining Turkey as a blocking force against Russia while every other country and faction plays for their own ends. But the original US plan to use Turkey to support a US orchestrated regime change in Syria looks like an outdated scenario. The US can kindle brush fires all over the world but it cannot keep supplying fuel forever to keep them burning. Controlling middle east oil and gas production while containing Russia and China and other real or imagined challenges at the cost of infrastructure will, combined with political infighting, decreasing resources and overpopulation, eventually (by 2100) prove too great a strain on any government to maintain itself and support its national interests purely through trade and military might.

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Picking up a chameleon in Iran equates to being a nuclear spy.

Iranian military official says West used lizards to spy on Iran’s nuclear program

Hassan FiruzabadiThe former chief of staff of Iran’s Armed Forces has said that foreign governments used different species of lizards, including chameleons, to spy on the Iranian nuclear program. The claim was made by Hassan Firuzabadi, a veteran Iranian military official, who from 1989 to 2016 served as the chief of staff of the Iranian Armed Forces —the most senior military post in the Islamic Republic. Since his retirement in 2016, Firuzabadi has served in a number of key consultancy roles and is currently a senior military advisor to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s reform-minded supreme leader.

On Tuesday, the Iranian Labor News Agency (ILNA), a pro-reformist news and analysis outlet, published a lengthy interview with Firuzabadi. The former military strongman was speaking in response to reports earlier this week that a prominent Iranian-Canadian environmental campaigner had died in prison, allegedly of suicide. Kavous Seyed Emami, 63, was a professor of sociology, director of the Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation, and political activist. He was arrested with seven of his colleagues on January 24 and charged with espionage. On February 9, Emami’s family said that they had been informed by authorities of his death in prison, reportedly as a result of suicide. The news was later confirmed by Iran’s chief prosecutor. Emami’s family, as well as numerous environmental campaigners and activists, dispute the government’s claims of suicide as a cause of his death.

But in his interview published on ILNA’s website, Firuzabadi claimed that environmental activists with links to foreign countries have in the past been found to engage in espionage against the Islamic Republic. He told the news outlet that some years ago Iranian authorities arrested a group of foreigners who were visiting Iran to raise funds for Palestinian political prisoners. He added that among the foreigners’ possessions authorities found “a species of desert reptile, like a chameleon”, which puzzled them. Firuzabadi then said that, “following studies” on the lizards, Iranian authorities concluded that their skin “attracts atomic waves”. They therefore concluded that the foreigners were in fact “nuclear spies” who had entered Iran in order to “find out where [in the country] are uranium mines and where the government is engaged in nuclear-related activities”. Firuzabadi also said that many foreigners who are engaged in environmental activism “are not even aware of the fact that they are actually spying” on Iran.

But Western scientists and science reporters dismissed Firuzabadi’s claims as fantastical. On Tuesday, John Timmer, science editor for the United States-based technology and science website Ars Technica, called the Iranian military official’s claims “insane” and added that there was “no scientific evidence that reptiles […] are effective as Geiger counters”.

Author: Joseph Fitsanakis | Date: 16 February 2018 | Research credit: C.F. | Permalink

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Kim Jong Un looks like a puffy pastry.

Unless Kim Jong Un stops taking Prednisone with insulin, he will either die or become incapacitated this year. I’m not sure how the DPRK military will like his wife sister and wife both vying for control, but the question will eventually be whether Kim Yo Jong is allowed to lead, or a military coup occurs. One or the other will, hopefully, restore the DPRK to the Chinese proxy it is supposed to be, but it will not be de-nuclearized.

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