Russell "Texas" Bentley

UNSC Stalemate and The Great Game I just finished watching the live kabuki theater of the UNSC September 11th meeting on Syria, broadcast by Sputnik News. As usual, the immeasurable hypocrisy of France, UK and US, (FUKUS) along with the craven obsequiousness of Western states like Poland and Sweden, and other minions like Kuwait, were […]

The US is protecting Al Qaeda

From Information Clearinghouse by Eric Zuesse Reprinted by request Please go here to read the original at ICH if you want to follow all of Erics links: September 14, 2018 “Information Clearing House” – There’s plenty of proof that the U.S. Government protects Al Qaeda in Syria. Right now, America is protecting Al Qaeda’s […]

‘When fools try to be criminals’, or ‘Fun with the Internet’…:-)

Just like you I get dodgy email all the time which asks for my password and personal information. But mine all go to a dead address. I read some of them and occasionally and send replies…from a dead address. Today I got my first ever blackmail letter! 🙂 Check it out: YOUR PASSWORD IS URPwned […]


Translated from the original German: Conflicts & Security Wars, Crises & Conflicts in the 21st Century Home Data protection imprint F-35: High-tech fighter jet or $ 1.5 trillion disaster? Roger Näbig Bundeswehr , fighter aircraft , NATO , stealth , USA August 21, 2018 26 minutes It is the most expensive military aircraft procurement program in the world: F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter , as the […]

The US strategy

What I see: The US has declared war on Russia…but it’s a ‘soft’ war. We can’t shoot without being shot – so we are going to break them financially. And it’s not just about the US’s about US world domination. We have it and we are deadly serious about maintaining it. We control the world […]

Smart phone magnetic mounting

Courtesy: K&J Magnetics Magnetic Smartphone Mount Are magnetic smartphone mounts for your car a good idea? Is it OK to have this DC2 disc magnet so close to my iPhone? Can strong neodymium magnets be used to mount a smartphone in your car? Apple’s design guidelines recommend avoiding the use of magnets in phone cases and accessories, […]

What is really happening:

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that there was no reason for Moscow and Washington not to get along after his meeting with Donald Trump in Helsinki, Finland, on Monday. Sputnik discussed the Trump-Putin summit with Scott Bennett, a former US Army officer and counterterrorism analyst. Sputnik: What’s your take on the meeting between President Trump and President […]